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What kind of cloud is cirrus clouds?


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A cirrus cloud is a feather like cloud.


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the feathery clouds in the sky that kind of look like eyelashes are cirrus clouds

there is no other cloud higher than a cirrus cloud

Cirrus clouds are high-altitude clouds.

That's right, cirrus clouds are the highest clouds.

Cirrus clouds are thin, wispy and are composed of ice crystals. Cirrus clouds are the highest form of cloud, and do not usually cause precipitation.

They are actually Cirrus Clouds.

No. A cirrus cloud is a high, wavy, thin cloud formed of ice crystals. Funnel clouds are usually formed from cumulonimbus clouds (thunderclouds) at lower altitudes.

Cirrus clouds bring nice weather.

Cirrus clouds are found at about 16,500 feet in altitude. The cirrus cloud is very wispy and feather-like in appearance.

cirrus clouds are up in the sky....and comulus clouds are low in the sky..

Cumulus Clouds Cirrus Clouds Stratus Clouds

Cirrus clouds are the highest cloud. They are 6 to 8 miles above ground.

Cirrus clouds could be defined as lonely, as they only are formed in mostly clear blue skies, and are by themselves. Usually, when there is a cirrus cloud, there are no cumulus clouds in the area. The cirrus cloud doesn't really do anything - it's just a light cloud formation. It doesn't rain, but is rather the very brainchild of a cumulus cloud.

The four different clouds are the cumulus cloud, cirrus cloud, convective cloud, and the cirri cumulus cloud!

Yes lightning has been observed in cirrus clouds. They usually are cloud lightning. Cirrus are too high and vertically isolated to generate cloud to ground lightning Chandima Gomes

While cloud genera do mutate, cirrus clouds are ice crystals, and very high, so they tend not to run into other types of clouds.

Cirrus clouds are followed by an approaching warm front.

cirrus clouds mean usually fair (good) weather

a cirrus cloud are the kinda wispy ones. they usually mean fair weather. they look kinda like a cumulus cloud all spread out fith blue sky patches inbetween. im in 5th grade. I know this stuff

Cirrus clouds are very thin and wispy clouds that don't produce rain. It was named after the Latin word for curly hair.

the featerhery kind of clouds are cirrus clouds

A cirrus cloud is much, much higher in the sky then other clouds. It's made up of ice crystals, and it's an whisp-like form.

Cirrus clouds are formed at a higher altitude then stratus clouds. Cirrus clouds are formed at about 8,000 m. Stratus clouds are formed under 2,000m. Fog is actually a stratus cloud that forms near the ground.

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