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Light green is one of the many shades of green in the color spectrum. Pale green and lime green are two of the names that are given to this color when classified.

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This type of line makes use of rounded angles

The color that reflects the most amount of light resulting in a light value

Determining the mood and meaning of a piece of art is always simple

In this step of art criticism the degree of artistic merit of the work is determined

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Q: What kind of color is light green?
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What color do green and pink make?

Kind of a light brown.

What color will a red shirt look under a green light?

kind of brownish

What is the wavelength for the color gray?

Color is created when an object absorbs all kinds of light except one. In other words, there are basically seven different kinds of light. These are: red light, orange light, yellow light, green light, blue light, indigo light, and violet or purple light. The leaves on a tree appear green because they absorb red, orange, yellow, blue, indigo, and purple light, but the leaves do not absorb green light. Instead, it reflects this light back to your eyes. Therefore, you see the color green. This is the simple definition of how all color works.How does the color black get created then? Black is formed when every kind of light is absorbed. White is formed when every kind of light is reflected. Gray is created when every kind of light is half-absorbed and half-reflected at the same time.Due to the fact it accepts every kind of light, scientists do not consider it to be a color. Since it is not a color, it does not have a wavelength.

What color shorts match a green shirt?

white, black, grey, it also depends on what kind of green it is, dark or light.

What color suits with parrot green color?

light green

What color do you get if you mix light blue and yellow?

Light green Light green

What color do you get if you mix yellow and light blue?

Light green Light green

What color is pistachio?

green or light green

What is the color of a leaf in green light?


What color is the color of Africa?

light green

What color does light green and light blue make?

it makes a light blue green

what is marie curie's favoret color?

Her favorite color was blue and light green

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