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What kind of container do you put a baby snapping turtle in?

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When they're a baby try a ten gallon tank. The tank will ned to get bigger as the turtle does so it has more space

2006-09-20 20:20:40
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What kind of environment should you set up for a baby snapping turtle?

i dont know

What is the difference between a turtle and a snapping turtle?

A snapping turtle is a kind of turtle. There lots of different kinds of turtles. A snapping turtle is one of them. They snap, obviously. I really hope that helped

What kind of turtle has a pointy tail?

a snapping turtle

What kind of turtle was in the movie daddy daycare?

It was a snapping turtle.

What kind of birds eat the alligator snapping turtle?

No birds eat it. The snapping turtle has a very dangerous shell.

What kind of consumer is a snapping turtle?


What kind of turtle has a black body and orange spots?

i thinks its a snapping turtle

What kind of habitat does a snapping turtle live in?

in the river

What kind of turtle is good as a pet?

Any kind besides a snapping turtle. I'd reccomend a box turtle or a spotted one.

What are all the different types of turtles?

One type of turtle is the snapping turtle. It is an awesome kind of turtle! :)

How should you set up a baby snapping turtle home?

The good thing about a baby snapping turtle is that they dont like to bask so u dont need a light. U should set the tank up with a rock and a piece of lettuce, or some kind of water plants so that the baby snapper can hide under it

What kind of turtle has a skinny neck and a spiky shell?

Most likely an alligator snapping turtle.

What kind of water should a snapping turtle be in?

regular tap water

What kind of skin does snapping turtle have?

Generally, they will have tough, leathery skin.

What kind of turtle live in fresh water?

snapping turtles i think

What ecosystem does a snapping turtle live in?

they usually live in kind of a swampy area

What kind of baby turtle has orange on its stomache and has long claws?

The Alabama red bellied turtle is the kind of baby turtle that has orange on its stomach and has long claws.

What kind of climate do turtles live in?

a snapping turtle lives in shallow waters. Thank you for asking.

What kind of Beanie Baby is tortuga?

A turtle

What kind of habitat should snapping turtles live in?

Chelydra serpentina The Snapping Turtle can grow to a very large size, 20-40 cm on average. It's shell is dark brown, rough and usually covered in algae. The Snapping Turtle can be found in waters ranging from slow moving rivers to stagnate ponds. Although this turtle has received a bad reputation for allegedly biting swimmers and eating baby ducks in reality it is very shy in the water and will retreat from anything except lunch. On land, when threatened it will live up to it's reputation by snapping and hissing while standing on all fours and rocking back and forth. Basically Snapping Turtles eat carrion, their reputation for killing baby ducks could only come from an over abundance or a number of sick baby ducks and only when the Snappers' other food resources are depleted.

Yellow head turtle with yellow arms and green yellow back legs What kind of turtle is it?

Hi I'm Jada fairley If its that color its a snapping turtle For more questions email me at or

What kind of setup do you need for a baby turtle?

depends on wat kind of turtle but normally a heat lamp a filter if u want a rock and something the turtle can hide under

What kind of turtle eats frogs?

Snappers are one kind of turtle that eats frogs.Specifically, the term snappers functions as a common name for snapping turtles. It is used to refer to alligator (Macrochelys temminckii) and common (Chelydra serpentina) snapping turtles. Both share an appreciation for amphibians in general and frogs in particular when it comes to prey.

Can two painted turtles stay in the same aquarium?

t painted turtles can live in the same aquriam but DO NOT put a snapping turtle or painting turtle together not ant other but there own kind

Can turtles live in baby pool?

It depends what kind of turtle it is is and how big it is.