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LPN schools will offer all the classes needed to begin a career as a nurse.

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Where are LPN classes offered online?

You can find a variety of nursing and LPN courses here: http://onlinelpncourses.com/

What kind of degrees can I get from lpn school?

Well, LPN (Licensed Practical Nurse) is a type of degree, so that's what you'll get at a LPN school.

Are there online training programs to become an LPN?

There are dozens of different online LPN training courses. The most prominent course though is offered by the university of Phoenix Online.

Know of any good LPN courses ?

There are no "bad" LPN courses. All schools strive to educate their students to be among the best, most employable and most desirable. LPN training is offered by tech schools and community colleges. You do want to check the accreditation of each school to make sure that it will enable you to sit for the boards. A list is here: http://www.nursing-school.org/lpn.htm

Are lpn courses still available in the US?

Yes, LPN courses are stillvery much available in the US. They can be found in every state. As long as people need medical treatment, LPN courses will still be around.

Are there online LPN refresher courses?

http://www.indeed.com/forum/job/LPN/REFRESHER-COURSES/t69499 http://www.lpnrefreshercourse.com/Home.aspx http://www.lpnrefreshercourse.com/FAQ.aspx http://allnurses.com/Florida-nurses/lpn-refresher-courses-68114.html

Does job corp offer LPN programs?

In which job corps will I be able to find lpn courses

Which high school courses should you take to prepare for LPN classes?

If you would like to prepare for a LPN class, you should start taking biology, psychology, anatomy, and physiology. You should also sign up for H.O.S.A. if your high school offers it.

Where can I get an LPN refresher course?

There are self-education courses offered online and they are cheaper than regular structured courses, but some states do not acknowledge the certification, so make sure to check that before you start. Maybe local hospitals know more information about the courses you could take.

Is an LPN an associate's degree?

LPN courses are available to high school students at BOCE locations or to adults thru continuing education, BOCES, or 2 year colleges. It is is a 1 year program with class work and clinical rotations. Program graduates then must take a licensing exam to be employed as an LPN.

Do any schools offer online or distance learning LPN programs?

Yes.The LPN program has science and nursing courses and also a practical course for hands-on training. You can complete the science and nursing courses online. Please check with your online school before enrolling, and also be sure to check your state's requirements for eligibility. This site is also helpful: http://www.ehow.com/about_5645648_cna-lpn-distance-learning-programs.html

How much does it take to take in LPN class in Detriot?

The prices for an LPN class in Detroit varies. The courses are a couple hundred dollars a class.

Is lpn college a good step in a lpn career?

LPN College seems like a reputable enough school for becoming an LPN. They have affordable loan plans, and allow flexible schedules so you can work while attending school.

where can I find LPN class in America alone?

LPN program provides basic nursing skills and knowledge which allowed people to have an easy transition to RN programs which usually takes two or four years to finish. You can take some lessons at Connecticut LPN School, New Jersey LPN School and at Utah LPN School.

Who are the best online lpn schools that offers an accrediated degree?

Kaplan is one of the best online schools. They offer online lpn courses for an accrediated degree.

are there any Lpn school online!?

Yes, Kaplan University and Chamberlain College of Nursing are 2 great places for online LPN school.

What is the difference between the courses for LVN and LPN training?

Entrance to an LVN program requires a high school diploma or GED and the program takes a year to complete. LPN training usually requires an associate's degree or graduation from a nursing program, and these take two years.

What kind of certification does it take to work in LPN Nursing?

You will need an LPN diploma from an accredited program. This can take around a year, give or take a few months, depending on the school you attend and whether it is an accelerated program.

Is it a good idea to take a LPN class online?

An online LPN class may be a good option for some, but it may lack the in class interactions and move at a different pace than a normal classroom situation. It may also be lacking some key information offered by other classmates or people who would work in the LPN school.

How long are most LPN courses?

There are a number of things you have to do to get your LPN. Most cases, the education course can last 12 to 18 months. Some can be as short as 9 months. www.lpntrainingprograms.net/how-long-is-lpn-school.html this link may help you.

Does it take years to become a certified nurses assistant?

No. Most courses are less than one year. Some are even taught as part of a vocational program to high school students. It is also the first part of LPN (Liscensed Practical Nurse) training. After the first few monts in LPN school, you can take the CNA test.

What does LPN stand for in reference to LPN classes?

LPN in reference to LPN classes stands for: Licensed Practical Nurse. A nurse is one who works with doctors to care for sick people. The process of becoming an LPN is not an easy one -- school and practice are required!

How long do you go to school for LPN?

Most full-time licensed practical nurse (LPN) training programs can be completed in 9-12 months. These programs are offered at community colleges, vocational schools, and universities and require you to complete between 43-78 credit hours.

How does an LPN training course compare with RN and LPN programs?

Generally, an LPN program is one-year. It is offered by tech schools and community colleges. An RN program is either two years (Associate degree), which is offered by a tech school or community college, or a four-year BSN program offered by a university. The longer the program, the more in-depth it is and the more responsibility the graduate is able to assume. LPN do not do invasive procedures like draw blood and start IVs, for example. This site offers a comparison of LPN v. ADRN: http://www.mstc.edu/pdf/ComparisonLPNandRNroles.pdf Salaries for an ADRN are $1500-$2000 more per month, depending on the job, the institution and the location. BSNs are often in supervisory roles and earn more still.

Which online lpn schools are accredited?

Indiana State and University of Phoenix are both accredited LPN schools that offer online classes. You can request information by visiting http://www.nursingdegree.net/. There are many good LPN schools that are accredited. Kaplan University and Virginia College are both great schools for LPN. Devry might also offer LPN courses.

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