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Q: What kind of creatures scare vampires?
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What kind of creatures are vampires?

Literary characters.

What do you use to scare of werewolves?


Is Such Thing as human Vampires?

no vampires are mythical creatures

How do you scare vampires away?

You can scare them with garlic, jewelry with crosses on them and crosses.

Why does garlic scare vampires?

Vampire bats are easily scared off by flashing a light at them or causing distracting motion. There are no such things as human vampires, which were created in the mind of Brahm Stoker, so garlic has no effect on imaginary creatures. It smells and vampires have big noses.

Do people carve pumpkins for decoration?

well... it's kind of decoration and it also is to scare the vampires if you believe in them.xx

How do vampires transform into vampires?

its a kinetic energy is some creatures

Are vampires real or made up-?

Vampires as described in Twilight or similar stories are FICTIONAL creatures. They do not exist. They are not consumed by sunlight, and do not turn to bats, live forever, and drink blood. They are also not repelled by garlic or a crucifix, since they are just made up creatures. But a lot of people like a good scare now and again, so the stories about vampires stay around.

Are there true vampires are they just fake?

Vampires are creatures of myth and legend.

Are werewolves and vampires at war?

Werewolves and vampires are mythical creatures, so no.

Are vampires real or make believe?

Vampires are mythical creatures. They do not exist.

What are creatures such as Dracula called?


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