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What causes the damage from an earthquake?

The waves released by earthquake cause the damage. They can cause colossal damage to property.

What the actual damage of the earthquake?

That depends on how bad the earthquake is... It could be small and cause little to no damage, or big and cause lots of damage.

What damage did the valdivia earthquake cause?

The valdivia earthquake caused a lot of damage. But I am not sure what kind of damage it caused.

Identify which seismic waves cause most of the damage during an earthquake?

Surface wave cause the most damage during an earthquake.

What damage can earthquakestsunami and landslides cause?

All three: earthquake, tsunami, and landslide, have the potential to cause extensive damage to property and may result in great loss of animal and human life.

What damage can tsunami and earthquake cause?

i think there are many people poor or reach that damage if have an a tsunami and earthquake

Name three ways that an earthquake can cause damage?

There are numerous ways that an earthquake can cause damage. Three ways they can cause damage are by breaking windows, causing homes to collapse, and outdoor damage such as downed trees and power lines.

Does an earthquake cause damage?

Many do, yes. Some earthquakes cause abolsutely catestrophic damage.

What earthquake magnitude will cause sever damage?

Above 8-9 magnitude can cause severe earthquake....

What is a large earthquake?

A "large" earthquake can be a major or great earthquake, both of which can cause serious damage to people, animal life, and buildings.A major earthquake is one of magnitude 7 - 7.9 which can cause serious damage. A great earthquake has a magnitude 8.0 or greater which can completely destroy communities near the epicenter.The 9.1 magnitude earthquake that hit Japan on March 11, 2011, is an example of a very large or great earthquake.

What damage can earthquake cause?

Earthquakes can cause damage to life and property. Buildings and roads can collapse because of that.

How is a hurricane the same as and earthquake?

They both can cause damage

How much damage did the haiti earthquake cause?

A lot

What damage did the japan earthquake and tsunami cause?


What can cause damage days or months after an earthquake?

Earthquake aftershocks.the arrival of surface waves

Would a large earthquake cause more damage than a small earthquake?


How does an earthquake cause terrain damage?

An earthquake causes terrain damage due to the plate tectonics movement. This will cause some parts of the earth surface to become loose and sink in which will result into terrain damage.

Does a magnitude earthquake measuring 6.0 cause any damage?

A magnitude of an earthquake measuring 6.0 causes a great deal of damage.

List three ways in which earthquakes can cause damage?

An earthquake can cause damage to - environment, society, animals and plants

What are the ways that earthquakes can cause damage?

the four ways an earthquake can cause damage is by shaking,liquefaction,aftershocks,or tsunamis.

What kinds of damage are cause by the severe shaking of an earthquake?

deaths, tradegys, illnesses, damage

How does an earthquake relate to a tornado?

Only in the amount of damage they can cause

Why is an earthquake a destructive force?

Becuase it cause more damage

How bad can an earthquake damage a state?

It can cause major disruption.

What kind of damage can an earthquake cause?

There are three common damages that an earthquake caused. It can either be physical damage, structural, and emotional. The strongest effects of an earthquake are in the area near the epicenter.

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