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The Alvin Ailey Dance troupe didn't form until March,1958. The dancers performed a modern dance routine that has since become legendary, and gave them status in the world of dance. Since that time, they've performed in 71 countries and on six continents.

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Doing dance can you wear jewelry?

In most dance classes for kids, you can. If you are an adult, it depends on what type of dance you are doing.

Who is Jane Lynch Playing in Alvin and the chipmunks?

she is daves boss when he is doing his presentation with the graphs and pictures of alvin simon and theodore

What is a non competitive dance studio and is it better?

There are usually two types of philosophies when it comes to dance instruction: the "Art" studios, which focus on the art of teaching and learning dance, and the "Competition" studios, which focus on competition and winning awards. Traditionally, the art studios are the place where technique is the focus - if you want to be a great dancer with solid technique in place this is where you would go. The competition studios are sometimes faulted for their focus on teaching "tricks" - moves that are impressive to an audience but not particularly artistic in a high art sense. With the recent explosion of reality shows and dance shows on television dance is vulnerable to losing it's higher art capabilities. Many sports-minded people can only evaluate something in terms of how many awards or trophies are earned as opposed to higher level thinking. The quality of art studios versus competition studios can be compared to say the artistry of something like Alvin Ailey Dance Company versus a Las Vegas show. An Ailey dancer needs to be able to use sustained movement where a Las Vegas showgirl just needs to be able to kick high. The kicks are impressive and she looks good doing them when her leg goes high, but the Ailey dancer will interpret a dance using many different fast and sustained movements and tell an entire story with her body. She can only do this with solid technique and quality training. The most important factor to consider when evaluating a dance studio is the background of the Owner/Artistic Director and his/her expertise in the field.

What would you be doing if you were in a cancan?

You would be doing a dance

When you create steps for a dance you are doing?

you are doing movement

Definition of missed beat in dance?

it means when your doing the dance and you miss a beat out on the dance

What is the name of the dance that is played while doing the quadrille dance?


What john logie baird is doing today?

Sadly, John Logie Baird is doing very little these days as he died in the 1940s.

How does a muffin dance?

by doing abundance!

What are zombies doing?

The Thriller Dance

What are you doing if you are in a state of erubescence?


How does your brain remember dance steps?

It gets use to doing the dance steps.

Does Brittany love Alvin?

Yes, I think so. Well.. She does, but She and Alvin have a love/hate relationship. Because Brittany is with Ian, and Alvin disagrees on that since Ian is mean, but Brittany thinks Ian was doing great to Alvin, Simon, and theodore. but in their hearts they truly care for eachother, so she does, and sometimes she gets mad at him. lol

How do you dance shake it up?

by doing the dnce

What dance starts with a R?

rumba (a ballroom dance of Cuban origin) Rumba is also the name for the music used when doing the dance.

I am doing a project on dance and need a dance video on ska?

You need to get the movie "Dance Craze".

What type of dance was Selena Gomez doing in another Cinderella story in the DANCE STUDIO?

you cant really tell whatdance you fool!

What is the steps to the Irish dance?

Really it depends on what school and what dance your doing. It also depends on what level your in.

What is the dance move Justin Bieber does?

The dance move jb loves doing the most is the dougie

What kind of dance was Joey Parker doing in the dance class in Another Cinderella Story?


What is the name of the music of SpongeBob dance?

The music played at Spongebob and Pearl's dance was "Doing The Sponge".

Are dance and ballet the same?

Not really- ballet is a type of dance, so if you were doing ballet you would be dancing, but if you were dancing you wouldn't neccessarily be doing ballet.For example, you could be doing tap, jazz or ballroom.

What is wrong with boys doing ballet?

Nothing. Everything boys doing dance is ok.

Do you need to learn how to dance?

No, no one can learn how to dance anyone can dance its a case of how well you can dance but to get better just keep doing it over and over again. xxx

History of kakawate dance?

A Kakawati dance is a dance done in the Philippines. Only girls performs this type of dance. They hold a twig of kakawati blossoms in each hand while doing the dance.

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