What kind of dancing does Beyonce do?


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She does a mix between Jazz and Hip Hop! :-)

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Beyonce started dancing when she was seven years oldpeace!!!

Beyonce is famous for the music that she makes.her dancing, singing, moves,

Beyonce' makes money by singing and dancing. ( It obvious)

Beyonce is largely famous due to her singing, dancing and acting abilities.

The art of dancing with hardly any clothes on

Because she is F*%king crazy!

No she went into the music business-singing, dancing, acting.

Beyonce speaks English and spanish.

Beyonce is scared of spiders and all other kind of insects.

She is the first women, to ever keep singing and dancing

I think beyonce is a very talented person and she is great at singing and dancing. and yes she is a great example of someone to look up to.

Tap,Irish dancing and Ballet

no i think he would want to but she says he is too young for her and beyonce is taken. but he did go out with rihanna but its kind of the same thing with beyonce

Her parents got her into a dance class and that's when they discovered she was a different person on the dance floor

what kind of music does beyonce sing?

people admire her because she is good looking and is very talented at singing and dancing

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Abigail Adams did ball room dancing

it is a kind of dancing

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What kind of hair? Her own I would think.

Beyonce is rich because of how wonderful she sings and she also has many other talents as well: Singing, Dancing...ect,. She has released many albums and singles through her life and is still doing so

Beyonce has donated money to the Haiti Refund Center, and has never been known of taking any kind of drugs .

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