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I went FIDM in Los Angeles and i got an AA in Fashion Design :)but i have yet to have a fashion job....anyone want to give me one?


ok uhmm first of all to the person who answered it above me... theres no such thing as a fashion design degree! Most designers need formal training after high school. Some attend a professional design school or get an associate degree, but in general most need a bachelor's degree. It is typical for fashion and graphic designers to get a degree in the fine arts. Fashion designers usually get their training through summer internships or by working in retail. Some designers may decide to become teachers in design schools. Some open their own design businesses.

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2010-09-12 17:31:24
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Q: What kind of degree do you need for fashion design?
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What kind of education do I need for a career in fashion designing?

Fashion designers start by taking fashion and design classes in high school. The go on to obtain a fine arts degree in fashion or atten a fashion design school.

What fashion degree do you need?

That kind of depends on what you need it for.

What training will you need to become a fashion designer?

You will need a degree in fashion design from college in order to become a fashion designer. An associate or Bachelor's degree will do. You will also need training in business. A designer will need a skill for textures and design as well.

Are there any schools that specialize in shoe design? (fashion istitute of design merchandising~shoe specialty) (fashion not really for shoes but shoes are fashion!)international academy of design technology (fashion school) (fashion)No matter what shoe field you want to go into you need a degree in fashion, not specifically can even go on this website ( and it specifies what kind of education/degree you need for the occupation you want.

Do you need a master's degree to go into fashion design?

Nooo! Youu dont need any degree

What is a fashion models education requirements?

Fashion models don't really need an education, but it will help if they have a bachelors degree in fashion design

Does a fashion designer need a license?

no they dont, but however they do need at least a bachelors degree or better in fashion design to even try to get an entry level job.

What qualifications do you need to be a costume designer?

To be a costume designer you at least need an associate degree in fashion design. However, while pursing a degree you may want to considering volunteering at local theaters to help them with their costumes. Since costume designing is such a competitive industry you may want to think about getting a degree in costume design (commonly called production design). The Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising offers an associate degree in costume design (though an associate degree in fashion design is a prerequisite). Savannah College of Art and Design offers a 4 year Production Design bachelor's degree program as well as a 4 year Fashion Design bachelor's degree program. Many other colleges offer a bachelor's degree in Fashion Design and by working with that colleges theater department frequently you will be able to make yourself highly qualified to be a costume designer. I am on the path to become a costume designer myself, I am double majoring in Fashion Design and Production Design at Savannah College of Art and Design in the fall. Good Luck, I hope you find this helpful.

Do you need to take special classes to learn how to become a fashion designer?

To become a fashion designer you will need to obtain a college degree in Fashion Design. You can also take college courses online.

Which subject is required for fashion designer?

Specific subjects may or may not be necessary for you to pursue you fashion design degree. This essentially depends on the kind of institution where you want to take your degree. To be able to make it in fashion design at an industry-recognized school like Milan's NABA, you need profound creativity, and pronounced skills in drawing, computer drafting and sketching, together with a knack for color and detail for textile and style.

What degree does a fashion designer need?

you need a bachelors degree.

Do you need a college degree to be a fashion design?

You mostly do, but there are also very talented designers who are famous even though they don't have a degree. It can be good, but it isn't a must have.

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