Law and Order Television Series

What kind of detective is Benjamin Bratt in Law and Order?

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Do you need piror experience to become an svu detective?

You must serve as a police officer for up to 5 years in order to qualify to become a detective of any kind.

What kind of scientist was Benjamin Franklin?

Benjamin Franklin was a physicist.

What kind of dollar is Benjamin Franklin?

Benjamin Franklin appears on the 100 dollar bill.

Is a frame story a kind of detective fiction?

If by frame story you mean a story in which the protagonist is framed and must seek exoneration by finding the real perpetrator, then yes, I suppose it would be a kind of detective fiction.....even if the protagonist is not a detective by trade.

What kind of glasses did Benjamin Franklin invent?

Benjamin Franklin invented the Bifocals(the first type of glasses).

How was Benjamin Franklin's personality?

He was kind,loving,and honest

What kind of education did Benjamin Franklin have?

Benjamin Franklin had two years of primary education. After that he educated himself by reading.

How does Benjamin Franklin show he is a kind person?

Benjamin Franklin shows that he is a kind person in various ways. He ensured that all his brothers were engaged in various trade practices and he did not advocate for slavery.

How can to find somebody in Manchester England?

If the person has any kind of Web presence, you may be able to search for that person. If, however, the person has no on-line presence, you may need a private detective in order to locate the person you want. Be prepared to pay a private detective for services.

What kind of a degree do you have to have to be a detective?

You don't have to have any specific degree to be a detective. Many detectives do have degrees in criminal justice or something similar, though.

Did Benjamin Franklin like candy?

yes he did but it is not the kind of candy that we have todayyy!!

How did Benjamin Franklin contribute to the war of 1812?

It is kind of hard to contribute when your dead

What kind of stuff did Benjamin Franklin do?

he invented the bifocals and proved that electricity existed

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