What kind of dogs need their tail cut off?

No dogs need their entire tails removed, except in the case of serious injury. Some Australian shepherds are born with very short tails, but no dogs are born without tails. It used to be fashionable for certain dogs, such as Doberman pinchers, Brittanies, boxers, Pembroke corgis and others, to have their tails docked, or drastically shortened. Today, the AKC frowns on this practice and encourages dog owners and breeders not to dock their animals' tails, as the procedure causes unnecessary pain and fear for the pooch.

Some hunting and sporting dogs, such as pointers, Weimaraners and spaniels, may need to have their tails docked for their own good if they are being used for hunting in wooded areas. These animals are prone to having their thin, whip-like tails broken as they run and weave through brushy and forested areas.