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It woul be mostly sience so if you want to be an biologist you need to be good at science.

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You need to study wild animals and know all about them for a head start. Education: In the US, education needed for a wildlife biologist includes a bachelor's degree in wildlife management with classes in mammalogy, zoology, animal management and mathematics. A Wildlife Biologist who wishes to advance to management or supervisory positions should consider earning a Ph.D.

a bachelors degree is minimal for this career

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The kind of biologist that would study whales is a marine biologist. These are the experts who specialize in the study of sea creatures and habitats.

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To become a marine biologist, you first need a degree in either biology, zoology, or marine biology. Then, you should probably go for a masters or PhD in one of the above fields.

Usually you will need a bachelors degree from a university with a degree in wildlife & fisheries or a related field.

A PhD is not necessarily required in order to be a marine biologist.

Most need a Ph.D. degree in biologyIn order to become a biologist it is recommended that student should be of science background. After completing the high school student must have to register in science in order to give direction to his career in biology.

Words you never want to hear your underage daughter say, in certain circumstances: Honest mom, he said he was a biologist!I went through eight years of college to become a biologist.The biologist will need another box of latex gloves, please.

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If you are working in the public sector or for a school or museum you will need a DOJ fingerprinting and clearances.

Yes, you need a college degree to become a marine biologist.

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