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Q: What kind of energy do i have with my warm parka on and mittens and hat?
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What is the best sentence for parka?

Example sentence - I put on my warm parka before going outside.

Where can one find warm mittens for a baby?

One can find warm mittens for a baby at a website such as Amazon. Other websites and stores that one can find warm mittens for a baby consist of Yankee Candle and eBay.

What is a sentence of parka?

I like the tan parka, but I like the white parka better. My parka is in the closet.

What is a five-letter word for a warm hooded jacket?

Type your answer here... One option is the word parka.

What is the name for a warm hooded jacket?

parka or anorak

What is a hink pink for keeps a cats paws warm?

kitten mitten

What does a Parka look like?

A Parka is a winter coat that is often lofty, very warm and made for extreme cold weather. A parka is always insulated, and often with down or polyester fill.

Warm handwear utilized particulary by the young?


What is used to keep your hands warm?

Gloves or mittens

Warm handwear utilized particularly by the young?


What is another word for warm hooded jacket with five letters?


Is the Artic Parka going to keep me warm in below freezing temperatures?

The Artic Parka is designed to keep you warm in subzero temperatures. Please make sure to have all skin covered to avoid frostbite.