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Sunlight is light, and it has light energy. Different types of solar panels can convert that to heat energy, or to electricity.

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Q: What kind of energy is being produced by sunlight - heat or electricity?
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What energy is being converted when the sun gives energy to solar panels?

Anywhere from 10-23% of sunlight is converted into "usable" electricity.

What is France's primary source of power?

France is mainly supplied by electrical energy, 80 % of this electricity being produced by nuclear powerplants.

How much of the energy is being produced with the clean energy and how much is being produced with the non clean energy?

different resource of energy in pakistan

Why is sunlight not a source of energy?

Sunlight IS a source of energy. It has its drawbacks - like not being available during night - but it's definitely energy.

If windmills dont work how do people who use wind energy still get electricity?

A windmill produced electricity while the wind blows. It may produce energy when the wind blows and people don't need it. People don't need all the energy a windmill produces all the time but they may need energy when the wind is not blowing. Windmills are therefore linked up to battery systems and charge the batteries when the wind is blowing, energy is being produced, and nobody is using it. When people need energy and the wind is not blowing (no power is being produced) they use power from the batteries.

How electrification can harm the environment?

When energy is transformed into electricity, heat is being produced and released. This contributes to global warming that can be seen through climate change.

What is really happining when you make electrisity?

Energy is being taken from a source, like burning coal, sunlight, or nuclear fission. That energy is transferred to a generator, a machine which uses that energy to spin magnets around a coil of wire, which makes electricity flow through the wires. Electricity is electrons which are flowing through a conductor. The electricity is sent out of the power plant through power lines.

How is nuclear energy abused?

Nuclear energy is simply electricity produce via a nuclear reactor, so nuclear energy would be abused in the same way as electricity produced by any other conventional means (such as wind, solar, hydro, wood or other bio fuel burning, or coal or natural gas burning, etc.), this being the unnecesary useage and thus wasting of electricity.

What is an example electrical energy into chemical energy?

A rechargeable battery being recharged. The electricity from the charger is being stored inside the chemicals of the battery, to be later changed back into electricity.

Is sunlight a mineral?

Sunlight is different types of energy (like ultraviolet or visible light) being ejected by the sun. Because sunlight contains only energy and a mineral is made of matter, they are completely opposite.

How do you know that there is energy in an electric motor?

If there is energy in an electric motor (electricity is being supplied to it). it will be turing/running. When there is no energy in it (being supplied to it) it will stop.

How does Paris France meet its energy needs?

the origin of electricity is now printed on utility bills. In 2007, the electricity in France was produced in nuclear plants for 84.2%, the second-largest source being dams (5.7%). Follow link for detailed chart.