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air resistance and friction

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Q: What kind of energy is there when a marble rolls across a flat floor?
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Why does a ball come to stop when it rolls across a floor?


If marble rolls across the table does it posses potential or kinetic energy?

The equation is K.E. = ½ * mass * velocity2 Kinetic energy is a measure of an object's energy due to the fact that has mass and is moving. So as long as the ball has mass and is moving, it has kinetic energy. Since all tables have friction the marble will slow down as to rolls and lose some KE. Potential Energy = mass * acceleration due to gravity * height. However since the ball is on a table (height), it also has potential energy. If one end of the table is a little higher than the other, it will gain potential energy as it rolls up the little hill, of course as it rolls up that little hill, it will lose the same amount of kinetic energy as the potential energy it gained. This is called "Conservation of Energy".

What kind of energy does the can gain as it rolls back to you?

it gains kinetic energy as the can rolls back to you.

How to check level with out using tube Or spirit level?

Place a ball bearing or marble on it, see if it rolls.

As a car rolls down a hill where would the motion and gravitational energy be equal?

As a car rolls down a hill, the motion and gravitational potential energy(GPE) will be equal when the kinetic energy is equal to the potential energy.

Is there an example of a 1st class lever using a ruler and marble?

A marble is like a wheel: it rolls and also has height. The ruler is the lever, like a seesaw. Depending on the size and weight of what I want to lift, a marble and ruler could act as a lever. Levers assist us to do tasks.

When a ball rolls down a hill what wasted energy conversion occurs?

Potential energy to kinetic energy

As an object moves downhill some of the energy is?

Before it rolls downhill, it has gravitational potential energy. As it rolls downhill, part of this potential energy is converted into kinetic energy (including rotational energy); due to friction, this will soon be converted into waste energy, mainly heat.

How does newtons law of universal gravitation explain why a basketball rolls across the court?

it doesnt

What kind of simple machine is a ballpen?

It is a wheel. The ball rolls across the surface, instead of scraping across as a pencil or nib pen would.

What kind of energy does a bowling ball have as it rolls toward the pins?


How come packages of hot dogs are eight but rolls are in six?

That is allowance for you to drop 2 on the floor or in the grille.