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What kind of engine swap can you do in a 1993 civic Si?

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to answer your question is has endless possibiltys but i would say the best is h22a prelude engine

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What kind of engine can be put into a 1995 civic hatchback?

You can only swap an engine of a Civic Hatchback with an engine of a newer car. Its only legal to swap in engines of the same or newer OBD series. So the Civic engine you swap with has to be a 94 or newer but any of those engines will fit.

Will a 1993 Honda accord transmission fit into a 1992 Honda civic?

With the stock Civic engine, no. If you swap the Accord engine in, yes. The swap involves notching or bashing in your frame rails or machining the crank pulley and a myriad of other things however. No

Can i swap my bad 94 Honda civic lx engine with a 97 Honda civic engine?


Increase horsepower for 2000 civic?

engine swap

Can you take the engine outof a Honda crv and swap it with a Honda civic engine?

The B20a engine available in a CR-V can be transferred into a Honda Civic. The Civic will require special mounts, harness, and computer to accommodate the larger engine.

Can you swap a blown 95 civic engine with a good 89 prelude engine?

It's possible to swap in a B20 series motor from a 3rd gen Prelude to a 5th gen Civic. However, it would be more practical (and easier to swap in) a D-series motor which there are multiple variants for the Civic between the late '80s into the '90s.

Can you put an 06 civic si engine in a 95 civic ex?

Yes of course you can, but it isn't easy doing such a swap.

Can you swap any 460 motor into your 1993 Ford F-250 four wheel drive truck that already has a 460?

I am in Nevada and the law here is that to swap an engine, say for your 1993 you can swap any engine in as long as it is a (same model year or newer) 1993 or newer engine. hope this helps

Can you swap a 97 civic non vtec engine for a 2002 non vtec civic engine?

It will probably be more work than it's worth. The computers aren't compatable.

What engine is best for swap into a 1996 Honda civic ex for performance?

1 word my negro, b17, it is a engine out of a 1991-1993 integra gsr makes 160 ponies which is atleast 45 more than your making stock

Can you swap a 2.7 2000 dodge intrepid engine for a 1993 3.5?


What is a good engine swap for a 1997 Honda civic HX?

A 1997 Honda Civic has a lightweight frame and it's chassis allows for the easy swap of a B-series engine. Any VTEC powered B-series will add a large boost of power and drive ability.

Can i swap engine from 1993 olds regency 98 to a 1993 Pontiac Bonneville non supercharged?


How do you swap a b18b1 into a 94 civic?

To swap a larger b18b1 engine into a 1994 Honda Civic the appropriate supplies must be bought and installed. The car will need axles, a wire harness, computer, transmission, and custom motor mounts.

What is the fastest Honda Civic engine?

the most powerful stock engine to ever come stock in a civic was probably the civic type r engine, but that was only available in the European market. however, many people swap in ITR motors, H22's, and JDM SiR motors for more power.

What is the best swap for a 1986 Honda civic crx si?

Nothing, go buy a Chevy and put a Corvette engine in it.

Is a gsr motor swap in a 93 civic legal in California?

A GSR engine swap is legal in the state of California as long as it conforms to the state emissions. The also needs to be domestic and not an import.

Will a 1994 Dodge Dakota 3.9l engine swap into a 1993 Dakota?


How hard will it be to swap motors in your 95 civic LX?

its not that hard but it depends what engine ur puttin in. ANY D-Series engine will drop right in a 92-95

What engine will swap with infiniti g20?

I replaced the motor in my 1993 G20 with a motor from a Nissan Sentra from Japan.

Does 92 civic motor swap into a 93 del sol?

usually yes but you need to now if the del sol engine is a dohc or a sohc

Why does the check engine light stay on after you did B16A swap in a 95 Honda HB Civic?

check the codes and see what comes up, that'd be where i start...

Will a motor from a 1994 Honda accord stick shift fit into a 1991 Honda civic automatic?

The short answer is "Yes". However, the swap in question is not an easy one for many backyard mechanics. In order to make the swap happen you will need aftermarket motor mounts, modified axles, a modified wiring harness, a pedal swap, a new center console (to make the shifter look right,) and an upgrade from OBD0 to OBD1.Depending on the trim level of your 1991 Civic, you can swap motors from the same generation Civic (1988-1991) for not only a power increase, but a cheaper and easier swap. So if you have an LX, you could source a D16A6 engine from a Civic SI for a considerable power improvement, and all you will need is the motor and preferably the Engine Control Unit (ECU).The automatic-to-manual swap will require a set of pedals from a 1988-1991 Civic, a manual transmission for the motor you have or want to use with shift linkage, all clutch components with lines and cylinder(s), and an ECU designed for both your motor and transmission.

Will a 1998 civic motor fit a 1993 Honda civic?

Yes and No. The motor itself will fit as long as it is the same series of motor. Any D series motor is interchangeable. The Problem you will run into with a 98-93 swap is the computer system interchange. A 93 civic is running Obd1 and a 98 civic is Obd2. If u are changing the type of motor from say D series to B series i would refer to a forum that has a walk through to swap, or at least a list of parts you will need to buy for the swap. a good resource is the motor itself is interchangeable, and most of the sensors... if you have old motor swap everything over so it will just bolt right in..

Will a 86 Honda Civic Engine fit in a 87 Civic Both are Carbureted?

If the engines are the same or are out of the same trim level an easy way to check this is an engine code will be stamped into the bottom of the block if they match its a sure fit, for example D15A2 its a commonly used engine between 84-87 which is a third generation civic. If the engine code matches it will fit right into place and just swap out any other parts needed from the 86 to the 87.