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Q: What kind of environment does a violet grow in?
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What kind of color light plants mostly use to grow?

pink and violet

What kind of plants grow in a cheetahs environment?


Why do plants grow in different places?

it is important to know in what kind of environment they will grow best

What kind of environment does corn need to grow?

Hot and humid.

When carrots are in the ground are they violet?

I have heard that they are a kind of color of violet.

What kind of the seed dispersal of violet?

the dispersal of a violet is flying away

What do not grow from spores pineapplemosswild mushroomafrican violet?


Can you grow a chili pepper?

You can grow any kind of plant if you have the right environment for it. Do some research and see what your sort of pepper likes and plant the seeds and see if you can grow it.

Does enterococcus faecalis grow on macConkey agar?

this MacConkey with crystal violet can grow enterococcus

Why kind of color is violet?

Violet is purple with a hint of blue that makes it a natural color.

What kind of flowers are in Togo?

violet rose

Will s aureus grow on a crystal violet agar plate?


In what kind of environment do caco trees grow in?

in cold frigid climates with extremely little sun and few pollutants.

How do grass respond to the environment?

It responds to the environment by: *when it gets cut, it grows back *where there is shade, the grass won't usually grow unless you plant a certain kind of grass.

How tall does the violet flower grow?

around 2-10 inches

What kind of change do birds make to their environment to survive their hearts beat faster they build nest they use calls or they grow new feathers?

They grow new feathers.

Does Staphylococcus grow on non crystal violet MacConkey agar?

Staphylococcus will not grow on Mac since crystal violet inhibits the growth of Gram positivesfmchinea: Actually some species of staphylococcus grow on MacConkey's plate including Staphylococcus aureus.

What kind of light drives photosynthesis?

Ultra Violet light

What kind of radiation does a bee see?

ultra-violet light

What is the best environment for a plant to grow?

The best environment for cosmos is, inside The tropical rain forests provide best environment for plants to grow very fast.

Can mold grow inside the walls of a bathtub enclosure?

If there is any kind of an opening or leak, then yes, mold could grow inside the walls of a bathtub enclosure. Moisture and darkness are the perfect environment for many kinds of mold to grow.

How tall do violets usually grow?

a NORMAL violet normally grows to about 00.2 millimeters

What kind of environment do wild flowers grow?

Wildflowers grow in a variety of environments. Some like bogs, some like meadows, some like roadside ditches, and some like woodlands.

How tall - in centimeters - can an African violet grow?

They can grow from 6-15 cm tall and can be anywhere from 6-30 cm wide.

What kind of environment does a Crocodilia live in?

muddy environment.