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What kind of fender stratocaster doesn't have a logo on it?

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No "FENDER STRAT" is not going to have a logo unless you get one custom made.

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ok im sorry but this isn't the best question i cant really awnserw your question with out knowing weither its a "squire" or a "American Standard" or a "Custom Shop" or a "Mexican Strat" look on the headstock you will see under the FENDER stratocaster logo there should be a spot that says: "Made In _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _" the after you have that go on Google and take the made in _ _ _ _ _ _ and type in "Fender _ _ _ _ _ _ Startocaster serial number look up" Hope this helps/

The Fender guitar company registered their logo in 1946. The Fender guitar company makes guitars, basses, amplifiers, accessories, apparel, and other related accessories.

Fender makes more than 1,000 guitars a day, in more than 100 different colors and finishes. Red, white, sunburst and black are the most popular. A surprising number of players opt for pink paisley!Fender guitars were not designed as rock and roll machines. Fenders were around several years before the explosion of rock and roll. The music was shaped by the gear--not the reverse.Fender's first product was the amplifier, and the look of the very first amplifiers is still popular today.In their last "concert" on the roof of Apple Headquarters in the movie Let it Be, the Beatles entire back-drop was fashioned from Fender amps.In the 1950s, Lawrence Welk's guitarist Buddy Merrill not only played a Strat, but he used a Deluxe Fender Amp.Unable to locate large quantities of vacuum tubes for its tube amplifiers, Fender once enlisted the help of the Russian government to increase the quality of tubes made in that country. Once assured of the quality, Fender purchased from Russia the largest order of vacuum tubes ever.The sound of the popular 1994 movie Pvlp Fiction used the music of famous Fender Stratocaster player, Dick Dale (the father of surf music). That groovin' surf sound was in-part created by Dale's Fender Dual Showman Amp.The Fender Precision Bass, introduced in the early 1950s, was the first successful alternative to the stand-up bass. It was fully electric, and played like a guitar.Guitar fan Chris Black of London actually had a wedding ceremony to officially marry his Fender Stratocaster last year.Another impassioned fan, T. Winterbottom of Lancashire, England, created a life-sized Fender guitar out of 7,000 matchsticks.Then there's the Fender lover who tattooed a Stratocaster and Fender logo on his right forearm.An Italian collector paid $324,000 at a Sotheby's auction for the badly scratched and cigarette burned Fender Stratocaster owned by Jimi Hendrix. It went for three times the expected price -- and holds the record for the world's most expensive guitar.

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Each member owns and uses many, but the ones they favor the most are: Steve Harris: '71(I think) Fender Precision, used over the last 30 years and underwent several paint jobs, currently white with the West Ham logo Dave Murray: '63/'57(body from 63 and neck from 57) black Fender Stratocaster.(formerly owned by Free guitarist Paul Kossof) Adrian Smith: white Jackson San Dimas signature model. Also Strats and Les Pauls. Janick Gers: Stratocasters. He favors a couple of vintage ones, not sure of the years, one black the other white.

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