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I'm no expert but there is a type of goldfish called the black Moore that usually starts out black but can appear brown in the light and sometimes turns an orangy colour :)love charl

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โˆ™ 2011-09-13 10:16:43
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Q: What kind of fish is a fish that is brown with a head that looks exactly like a hammerhead shark?
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What is the weight of a baby hammerhead shark?

A baby hammerhead shark is weighed exactly 8.56in. 378 pounds!

What makes the hammerhead shark unique?

A hammerhead shark is unique because its head looks like a big hammer. That's why it's called a hammerhead shark, of course!

What is a hammerhead shark?

a hammer head shark is a shark that its Head looks like a hammer

How did the hammerhead shark get its name?

Its head looks like a sledge hammer

Does the hammerhead shark have any features?

Yes they do have features. Their head, which looks like a big hammer. That's why it's called a hammerhead shark.

What looks weirder than a hammerhead shark?

An Ocean Sunfish.

What color is a smooth hammerhead shark?

Smooth hammerheads are generally grey although they can also look light brown. Each shark is different in terms of color and their coloration looks different in various lights.

Are hammerhead sharks endngered?

The great hammerhead shark, the winghead shark, and the scalloped shark are the three endangered species of hammerhead sharks, and the smalleye shark, another type of hammerhead shark, is on the vulnerable animal list.

What will attack a hammerhead shark or eat a hammerhead shark?


What color is a hammerhead shark?

a hammerhead shark is a brownish white

What are the major differences and similarities between a hammerhead shark and a whale shark?

the hammerhead shark is different from the whale shark because a hammerhead has an hammer for a head and the hammerhead are mean, whale sharks are friendly.

What is the Hawaiian word for hammerhead shark?

hammerhead shark =manō kihikihi

What are the behaviors of the hammerhead shark?

wheat are the behaviors of teh hammerhead shark

Why do they call the hammerhead shark a hammerhead shark?

The Hammerhead shark gets its name because of it's unusual head, which is shaped like a hammer.

What is worse the great white shark or hammerhead?

the white shark is worse than the hammerhead shark

What is the size of a hammerhead shark?

The average length of a hammerhead shark is 11 feet.

What sense does the hammerhead shark depend on?

The sense that a hammerhead shark uses is their smell.

Where does the hammerhead shark live?

The hammerhead shark is common in tropical and temperate waters.

Is a hammerhead a mammal?

The Hammerhead shark is not a mammal.

Is the mako shark the hammerhead shark?

No, the mako lacks the trademark cephaloafoil configuration of the hammerhead.

What is the description of the great hammerhead shark?

is the largest species of hammerhead shark ... it has a hammer for a head

Is a hammerhead shark a mammal?

No, the hammerhead shark is a fish, a shark, not a mammal.

Where is the hammerhead shark located in the food web?

The Hammerhead shark is located at the top of the food chain

How does a hammerhead shark catch its food?

a hammerhead shark catches it food by sneaking up on its pray.

Is a hammerhead shark the dummmist shark?

The hammerhead shark got its name from the shape of its head, called a cephalofoil. There is no such thing as a dumb shark.

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