What kind of fish is in sushi?

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There is a range of types, but one of the most popular is tuna. Remember that the word 'sushi' doesn't actually refer to raw fish, but a boiled rice dish. Lots of sushi does not actually contain fish.

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Q: What kind of fish is in sushi?
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What kind of fish do you put in sushi?

fish possibly cod or Salmon

What kind of fish is used for sushi?

they use all fish including puffer fish

What is the name of a fish that is made into sushi?

sushi is not made of any fish in particular, itdoesn't even need to contain fish. the word "sushi" comes from the kind of rice that is used. anything made of this rice is considered to be sushi.

What kind of fish live in Huang he?

umm is that a type of sushi?

How come you can eat raw fish in sushi but when you just eat raw fish you can get samonella?

you can only eat certain fish raw, and they give you the safe kind in sushi

What fish goes in sushi?

Tuna, yellowfish, salmon, eel, squid, octopus, scallops, shrimp, etc. Really it depends on what kind of sushi.

Is vegitarian sushi still a type of sushi?

Sushi is the rice, so technically is automatically vegetarian. It all depends on what kind you are making - not all of them use fish, some forms of sushi use vegetables only.

Sushi its mean raw fish only?

No, 'sushi' is the vinegared rice. You can have sushi without fish, but when fish is used, it is usually 'raw' (though partially picked in vinegar).

Which type of sushi is raw fish and rice?

Sashimi is raw fish and sushi rice. Sushi is the name of the sticky rice, so anything that uses the sticky white rice is called sushi. When sushi is made with raw fish it is called sashimi.

What part of Japan does sushi come from?

sushi is raw fish

Is sushi raw?

Most commonly Sushi is served with fresh, raw fish. However, sushi does not, by definition, mean raw fish. Certain dishes are cooked and considered sushi.

What kind of sushi is the best?

Tuna Sushi

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