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There is a range of types, but one of the most popular is tuna. Remember that the word 'sushi' doesn't actually refer to raw fish, but a boiled rice dish. Lots of sushi does not actually contain fish.


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fish possibly cod or Salmon

sushi is not made of any fish in particular, itdoesn't even need to contain fish. the word "sushi" comes from the kind of rice that is used. anything made of this rice is considered to be sushi.

they use all fish including puffer fish

you can only eat certain fish raw, and they give you the safe kind in sushi

umm is that a type of sushi?

Sushi is the rice, so technically is automatically vegetarian. It all depends on what kind you are making - not all of them use fish, some forms of sushi use vegetables only.

Tuna, yellowfish, salmon, eel, squid, octopus, scallops, shrimp, etc. Really it depends on what kind of sushi.

Sashimi is raw fish and sushi rice. Sushi is the name of the sticky rice, so anything that uses the sticky white rice is called sushi. When sushi is made with raw fish it is called sashimi.

No, 'sushi' is the vinegared rice. You can have sushi without fish, but when fish is used, it is usually 'raw' (though partially picked in vinegar).

Most commonly Sushi is served with fresh, raw fish. However, sushi does not, by definition, mean raw fish. Certain dishes are cooked and considered sushi.

Yes it does but not all sushi has fish in it. "Sushi" is the art of the preparation and the presentation. Tamago, for example is a cooked egg omlet of sorts that is specially seasoned and placed on the formed rice ball in sushi preparation for what is called "nigiri" sushi. And not all sushi contains raw fish. The eel, or Unagi is cooked as is the shrimp. Sashimi is sliced raw fish. Sushi rolls or Maki sushi sometimes have vegetables only, cucumber, radish etc.

seaweed, sticky rice, and a type of raw fish. its not sushi without raw fish

Sushi is raw fish,ButThat is not all that Sushi is, try some, its actually yummy

sushi Generally raw fish and salads.

It depends on the fish. Sushi can be made with raw fish. Professional sushi makers tend to know which raw fish can be used safely.

Sushi, the Japanese term for a raw fish dish, is also used in German.Das Sushi

Sushi stands for raw and cooked fish in rice and seaweed.

sushi is with rice....sushimi is just the fish

Use preferably fresh fish.

Well it depends on what kind of sushi it is.

because sushi means something like ''raw fish'' so it is very logical, isn't it?

No, there is nothing wrong with sushi itself. However, the fish in the sushi could be problematic so try eating vegetarian sushi.

sushi Raw fish or sushi whatever you call it

There are lots of raw fish used to make sushi, such as tuna, salmon, yellowtail, squid, etc.

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