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The most common and widely-known flower of the Netherlands is the tulip, considering it is one of the country's main exports

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What is the national flower of the Netherlands?

The unofficial flower of the Netherlands is the tulip, but there is no official national flower.

What is the state flower of the Netherlands?

The Netherlands have no official state flower, though the unofficial one is the tulip.

What flower is Netherlands?

the tullip

What flower is the Netherlands known for?

The tullip.

What is Aruba's national flower?

The wanglo is Aruba's national flower. Aruba is an autonomous part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. The tulip is the natonal flower of the Netherlands. But it isn't easy to grow in Aruba.

Who does the Netherlands trade with?

The Netherlands sells flower bulbs all over the world.

What flower is most famous in the Netherlands?


What is the national tree of Netherlands?

The Netherlands does not have a national tree. They do however have an unofficial national flower which is the tulip.

What kind of gifts do the Netherlands people give?

what kind of gifts to the give in the netherlands

Which country' national flower is the tulip?

the Netherlands

What are Netherlands Chief Products?

flower beer cheese

What kind of fur does a flower have?

Are does it have fur at all?????? ๐Ÿ˜œ๐Ÿคฃ

Which countries have the Tulip as their national flower?

Iran, the Netherlands and Turkey.

Which European countries produce flower bulbs?

The Netherlands is one.

What is the pH of a flower?

depends what kind of flower xD

When is the Netherlands flower parade?

It is on a particular Sunday once a year. A flower parade is a parade in which the floats or other vehicles are decorated or coverd in flowers. This parade is held in several countries including the Netherlands

Is the Netherlands poor?

No, the Netherlands is kind off a rich country.

What flower is associated with Holland?

The Tulip has come to be a loved symbol for the Netherlands.

What kind of flower only has one stamen?

Complete Flower

How many cups are in a flower bag?

What kind of flower bag.

How many day does it take for a flower to grow?

It depends on what kind of flower it is

What kind of animal do i call a flower in the film Bambi?

Flower was a skunk.

If a pollen grains in a flower flies to the other kind or the same kind?

The pollen grains from the stamen (male part) of the flower are transferred to the carpel (female part) of another flower to pollinate (fertilize) that flower.

What kind of music do they listen to in the Netherlands?

the netherlands like to listen to DJ musics

What do farmers of the Netherlands grow?

Farmers in Netherlands grow wheat , tomatoes, cauliflowers and peas. They also grow a special flower known as Tulips.