What kind of food do ladybirds eat?


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lady birds eat aphids.

It is their favourite food to eat.


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if you do not put out food for them they eat aphids

ladybirds eat using their MOUTH!

no, sparrows don't eat ladybirds

No. Ladybirds mostly eat aphids.

Ladybirds eat Aphids (Greenfly/Blackfly)

Ladybirds do not eat leaves. They eat the aphids which eat the leaves.

Ladybirds eat striped bugs and white flys

sometimes frog do eat ladybirds and beetles

Ladybirds do not eat dandelions, they do not eat flowers. Ladybirds eat a teeny weeny bug called aphids that lives on the flowers. This bug is very bad for our garden, so that's why we have Ladybirds to eat them up.

Ladybirds (ladybugs) are carnivorous and eat other insects, but do not eat plants.

Domestic Ladybirds eat grass, leaves, weeds and flowers.

Ladybirds eat leafs because there is very good nutrients in them for there everyday life

ofourse not can you imagne that they eat plants and plant killing bugs

Red ladybirds eat many different types of food. Normally they eat aphids and scale insects and they are useful to farmers. They too feed on fresh green leaves on plants and they drink the sap from it.

Ladybirds are carnivores - they eat insects such as aphids.

ladybirds DO eat other insects as do their larvae as they are carnivorous (meat eaters) they eat mainly greenflies

no,but they do eat aphids.

Ladybirds eat the tiny pests found on plants such as rosebushes and spiny or stickt plants.

Ladybirds eat mainly sap-sucking aphids (black or green flies) - they are not herbivores.

ladybirds eat greenflies and greenflies eat plants so when ladybirds eat greenflies it makes them very helpful to gardeners.

no they do not eat flies they eat aphids

what kind of food do otters eat

Ladybirds get eaten by many small birds, such as Blue Tits or Great Tits. Dunnocks eat Ladybirds too.

ladybirds like damp moist places to snuggle up in. ladybirds also like lovely insects to eat

No.Ladybirds, eat aphids.

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