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It is a trace fossil (like footprints or dinosaur droppings) because it does not actually represent the living organism, only its activities.

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Q: What kind of fossil is a prehistoric worm burrow called?
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What kind of fossil leaves a body impression?

This is called a trace fossil. or a mold.

What kind of fossil is evidence of an organism but not made of the organism itself?

A trace fossil is formed by a footprint, trail, burrow, or other mark that an organism left in soft sediment.

Why are fossil fuels called fossil fuels even thought they have no fossils?

They are fossils themselves, just not the kind you think of when you see fossilised dinosaurs or other prehistoric creatures like trilobites, where a fossil is inside a rock. Coal for example is fossilised wood. Oil is the decomposed remains of plankton, etc. They were all once living organisms.

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what kind of fossil is what!

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This kind of energy is called renewable energy.

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Is a cast fossil one kind of carbonized fossil?


One kind of fossil forms from the body parts of organisms. What is another kind of fossil?

There are four types of fossils that can be found. These are true fossils, mold fossils, trace fossils and cast fossils.

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