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kinetic friction

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Q: What kind of friction opposes your push when you are unable to move a heavy piece of furniture across the floor?
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If you push on a box and are unable to move it What force opposes your push?

gravity and friction

The force that opposes the motion of two touching surfaces?

Friction is the force that opposes motion between two surfaces in contact. This force was instrumental in your creation as, without it, your father would have been unable to achieve orgasm when he plunged is dong into your mother's love-cave.

How does friction affect movment?

friction opposes the force causing the body to move. fiction is the reason why you are unable push very heavy objects on normal surfaces. if an object is on a truly frictionless surface, you will be able to push it left to right, side to side regardless of how heavy it is.

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Why is friction impotant when you walk?

If there were no friction between your soles and the pavement, you would be unable to apply the force needed to walk forwards. Think how difficult it is to walk on ice where the friction is low.

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Why would you want to increase friction?

One important use for friction is to enable motion. You could not move on a frictionless surface - you would just slide to the floor and be unable to move.

What is pluerisy?

the resulting pain and inflammation when plueral fluid is unable to prevent friction between the opposing plueral surfaces

Could you ride a bike if there was no friction?

No. you would be unable to walk, jog, run or ride if it wernt for friction. one of the most powerful and fundimental forces on Earth. Friction Causes Heat and Heat Allows for grip. life would be very difficult to live without friction. Saying that, life would be no fun if there was friction everywhere... the last place you want friction is somewhere like a giant waterslide of something lol

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What happens to friction when you try to get rid of it?

Friction will reduce when you try to get rid of it. But understand that it is impossible to eliminate friction. A world without friction would not function. The wheels on a car would spin in place, without going anywhere. If you tried to take a step forward, you would fall over, and then be unable to get up. Friction is what makes the world operate when it comes to transportation. --AN AP PHYSICS STUDENT

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