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Q: What kind of gas is released from a candle?
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What kind of wick does a trick candle have?

A trick candle has a trick wick of the trickiest kind.

What changes do you see when a candle burns?

The wax on the candle can turn in a gas

Why does a candle go out when dry ice is placed near it?

Gaseous carbon dioxide is released and this gas doesn't support burning.

What kind of Light does a candle give off?

candle light

What gas is released by the candle to make fixed air?

carbon dioxide :p

What does helium do to a lit candle?

Helium is an inert gas and would smother a candle.

How fast does a candle burn?

It depends on what kind of wax that the candle is made out of

What is the chemical property of a candle?

A candle uses a combustion reaction to release heat and gas.

What kind of lighting was used in houses during the Holocaust?

Electric, oil and candle. There may have been some gas lighting, but i cannot confirm.

What gas is formed when a candle burns?


What is the product of a burning candle be?

A burning candle produces water vapor and carbon dioxide gas.

A burning candle is what kind of energy?

A burning candle produces thermal energy and light.