Candles consist of two main parts, wax and a wick. The wick is lit to provide light. At one time, they were the main source of nighttime light for in most homes. In more modern settings they are used more for fragrance or mood setting. They come in a variety of shapes, sizes, scents, and colors.

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Is burning of candel is spontaneous process?

Yes, candle burning is a spontaneous process. A spontaneous process is defined as: once it is allowed to start, the process will proceed to the finish without any external intervention. You lit the candle, it was allowed to burn and it would keep going without any help. The Gibbs free energy change for this process is negative.

On the other hand, the decomposition of CaCO3(s) is NOT a spontaneous process. You have to keep heating the reaction vessel in order to decompose all CaCO3. Outside intervention is needed for this process to finish.

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How do you get candle wax out of your carpet?

Wiki s contributors suggest these methods:
  • Lift the carpet, put a roasting pan under the spill. Then slowly pour boiling water on the wax spill. The wax will melt down though the carpet into the roasting pan. Then do the same for the carpet pad, if it needs it . By the way only the boiling water and roasting pan method is from me. I tried the hair dryer method but boiling water works faster and you don't have to worry about the heat. My friends also tried dry ice with no results.
  • Well I tried the iron and towel method and it worked perfectly. There was a very large mound of wax and it came right up. First, you scrap off any excess wax with the side of a spoon or something smooth and sharp. Second, you place a rag down over the was spill and you place the Iron on the highest heat and the most steam on top of the rag. The wax will mely and be absorbed right into the rag this was a life saver.
  • Use a hair dryer and a towel so you are constantly rubbing it off. If you have a huge mound of wax you should definitely scrape some off first. Oh yea- and don't get the carpet too too hot because the carpet fibers are plastic and will melt, but wax has a lower melting point- use common sense with it and watch your hands.
  • You should first test each method in an inconspicuous area to be sure it won't cause even more damage to your carpet, like melting synthetic fibers, or removing color.
  • Place towel over hardened wax, them press the iron over the area until wax melts and sticks to the towel!!!!!!!!!
  • Sponge with a small amount of dry-cleaning solvent. Blot. (Use small amounts to prevent any possible damage to sizings, backings or stuffing materials. Do not use gasoline, lighter fluid, or carbon tetrachloride).
  • Mix one teaspoon of a neutral detergent (a mild detergent containing no alkalies or bleaches) with a cup of luke-warm water. Blot.
  • You can also try using ice to make it harden and then scrape of with a spoon.
  • First take a dull knife and cut away the excess wax. then lay a clean rag over the spot and gently iron until the candle wax is gone. i promise it works like a charm!(there is a little bit of staining sometimes)
  • Ditto on the iron and clean rag. I tried it and it worked. I scraped off the excess wax and then I placed a clean rag over the area and ironed it off. It melted into the completely removed the wax.
  • I just spilled red wax on my carpet, and we are renting. =*( However the iron thing worked wonderes. I did pour some water on the wax before I ironed it and it came right up, there is a little bit of staining, but I would recommend this to anyone.
  • You can also try using methylated spirits or turps in the same way as the dry-cleaning fluid method above,if your carpet can take it.
  • Ive always used the hot iron and a brown paper bag. Always worked and I never had to ruin a towel (Old rag or otherwise)
  • Try soaking it in hot water for a day.
  • Thank you! The ice and spoon didn't work for me, but the iron and paper towels did.
  • Many people say to use the iron trick with paper. This is not good because more often than not, it works the wax further into the pile. The other suggestion people make is to use a cube of ice, which doesn't really work well either.
  • What worked really well for me is a variation of the iron an paper bag trick. I do not own an iron, so in place of an iron, I boiled a big pot of water and then covered the pot (to keep in the heat). I then put the pot on the paper bag (instead of the iron). This worked amazingly well!

What is a tall slender candle called?

a taper.

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What did the candle say to the fire?

Why The long Flame

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What is the french word for a candle?

Chandelle or bougie.


What the ingredients of a vanilla candle?

A vanilla candle has paraffin wax, a cotton wick (a metal base as a hold down for the wick is sometimes used) and Vanilla oil, extracted from the vanilla bean, for scent. You can also use a candle colorant (candle dye) to make it a little yellowish if you like. Try throwing in some brightly colored leaves or sticks for accent. Beware of class beads as they can explode.

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Do white candles burn faster than colored ones?

Any significative difference, the color is not so important in this case; possible the burning of the white candles is slower because they don't contain dyes.

The most important for burning speed are the type of wax and the type of wick.


What are disadvantages of using a candle clock?

It cannot be used to tell the time of the day. It can only be used to tell the time interval that has passed. And if the flame is blown out, it doesn't work at all.


What are some reasons candles burn unevenly?

Usually a slight draught from one side.


Who do you give your 16 candles to for your sweet 16?

16 people who have been there for you throughout your life and that you love and appreciate.


A candle gives off light and heat these are examples of?



How do air wick colour changing candles work?

Infrared light. There is an electronic kit at the bottom of the glass with and LED light on it which gives the illumination of colors. It is activated by infrared light. Infrared light, along with visible light, is given off by flames and incandescent light bulbs.

Fun fact. Remote controls for TVs, DVD players etc work by sending infrared signals to the device. Try pointing a remote control into the candle and you should see it lights up! (putting the candle directly under a lightbulb should work too, but this isnt nearly as fun)


How many candles are on a Hanukkah menorah?



What are white candles made up of?

White candles are made of paraffin, a form of petroleum.

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Why did the candle fall in love?

he met the perfect match, or hemettheperfectmatch











and the rest you`ll have to do youself


What is a table centrepiece with branching holders for candles fruit or flowers?

A candelabra is for candles. An epergne is for fruit or flowers.

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How can you remove candle wax from an oil painting?


How do candles make electricity?

Candles, when lit, are fire. This is a form of energy, not electricity.


Can you purchase Jo Malone candles online?

Yes, you can buy Jo Malone candles on the Jo Malone websites. You can also purchase these candles on department store websites and other websites. The Jo Malone website may give you more options but other websites may be cheaper.

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Do white candles burn faster than colored candles?

It always depends on the size and shape of the candle. The rate at which a candle burns is dependent on the size and composition of the wick, and the thickness, composition, and melting / vaporization rate of the candle wax. Color is not the predominant factor.

Other observations

* It's not the color of the candle, but the wick. If the wick is cheap the candle won't burn correctly or will burn out shortly after you light it. If the wick is of good quality, it will burn down the center of the candle without once going out.

* Candles that are plain (white) may burn faster because they don't contain as many chemicals in the wax.

* There is a good reason why one candle burns faster than another... because it takes less time to vaporize the wax.

* The color would only make a difference in that respect if a significant amount of the heat (imparted on the wax) came from the flame's infrared radiation. Because the wax is used up by being heated by the flame (and eventually being melted, vaporized, and then combusted), the composition of the wax and wick will have more consequence than how much light energy the wax absorbs or reflects.

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Do colored candles melt faster then white candles?

They shouldn't. All candles are made out of wax, and the colouring is just a dye, so it shouldn't make a difference to the melting time. However, not all candles are made from the same wax. The most common ones are beeswax, soy wax and palm wax, and these with melt at different speeds.

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Why dont beeswax candles drip?

The only reason beeswax doesn't drip is because it is made from all natural ingredients. That's it.


Candles in Mormon church?

There are never open flames or lit candles in any building of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (commonly called the "Mormon" church.) This is more of a safety regulation than anything else. Those holding weddings in Church buildings are advised to use battery-powered candles or small electric lights for decorations. Those wishing to light a unity candle as part of the ceremony or reception are usually allowed to do so outside of the building.

The official rules regarding lit candles and open flames in Church buildings can be found in the Church Handbook of Instructions, Book 1, on page 182 (2006 version). This book is not available online, but a congregation leader would be able to show you the policy in their copy of the Handbook.


How will different types of wax in a candle affect its burn rate?

This is not a simple answer additives in the wax, length of the wick, the width of the wick, or even the wick type, whether the wax is free standing or in an container, or even if the candle has been over dipped. All of these factors make it practicably impossible to answer your question correctly.

Gel Wax has a higher melt point about 180°F to 230°F

Bee's wax has a longer burn rate then when compared to paraffin and melts around 144 to 147 °F

paraffin melts around 117°F to 147°F

Ancient Egypt

Who invented the candle?

The ancient Egyptians first invented candles about 5,000 years ago, using beeswax as the candle material.

It was independently reinvented a number of times since then, using different materials: for example, the ancient Chinese burned wax from seeds and insects; ancient Indians used cinnamon; Native Americans and Eskimo used a particular type of oily fish.


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