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Q: What kind of government did European societies?
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When was Federation of European Neuroscience Societies created?

Federation of European Neuroscience Societies was created in 1998.

When was Federation of European Biochemical Societies created?

Federation of European Biochemical Societies was created in 1964.

What kind of European Union countries member government?

All European Union countries have democratic governments.

What has the author Martin Kohli written?

Martin Kohli has written: 'Inclusion and Exclusion in European Societies (Routledge/European Sociological Association Studies in European Societies, 5)'

Is there a secret society government?

Is there a government? Yes. Are there societies that have secrets. Yes. Are there secret societies. No. If we know about them they are not secret. Are there people in the government that belong to certain fraternal societies. Of course.

Around 1900 most western European countries had what kind of government?


How did Indian societies of south and north America differ from European societies?

Many ways, think about the Aztecs the mayans and the incas. How were there societies different from European societies. The europeans had better armor, boats, battle tactics, technology, living environment, etc. just think about it.

Which eastern European nations overthrew communist government in 1989?

There can be no such thing as a Communist government, as Communism does away with governments, classes and money. The societies in eastern Europe were state capitalist.

What effect did the European ideas have on the African societies?

Nova Net Answer: Africans were encouraged to learn European traditions.

What cultures are Christian?

European cultures and societies with a history of colonization by Europeans.

Did Revolutionary changes in European societies sparked the development of sociology?

Yes, the revolutionary changes in European societies, such as the Industrial Revolution and the French Revolution, played a significant role in sparking the development of sociology as a discipline. These upheavals led to new social challenges and a need to understand the complexities of society, paving the way for the emergence of sociological thought to study and analyze these changes. Sociologists like Auguste Comte and Emile Durkheim were influenced by these events in shaping the early foundations of sociology.

Why did European societies have no need for irrigation systems?

European societies did not rely heavily on irrigation systems because of the region's abundant rainfall and natural water sources like rivers and lakes. The temperate climate in many parts of Europe also contributed to the consistent availability of water for agriculture without the need for artificial irrigation.