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What kind of government does the US have today?


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A real good evviremany


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The kind of government you have in the US is DEMOCRATIC.

The constitution is the framework for government today.

At present today,it follows a communist type of government.

(in the US) A Constitutional Democracy.

Russia's government today is a dual system.Russia's type of government is a dual system.A comunist government

semi- presidential so kind of a democracy and kind of a republic.

They are the KINGdom of Saudi Arabia.

It was as it is today a democracy government

The constitution is that foundation for the government.

He believed strongly in the kind of government ordained and established by the US Constitution.

Polonium is an element with minor importance today.

The people who invented the US government are today known collectively as the Founding Fathers. They included George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, and a few dozen others, who debated the issue of what kind of government they wanted, and finally came up with the US constitution in the late 18th century.

helped us have rights, with a strong government at the same time

Iraq has a republic government. But it has been failing (going down in financial ways)

a government for the people, of the people and by the people

The U.S. Constitution and its amendments.

In that both are republics. People elect representatives.

Turkmenistan was once ruled by Russia and was under their communist form of government. Today Turkmenistan has a democratic government system in place.

The same as today "Constitutional democracy" A federation of states,

The governemts imoacted us with all of its practices are alomost the same as today

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