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its fun

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Q: What kind of government jobs did argos Greece have?
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What kind of government did Argos have?

they have a monarchy as government ,just one

What kind of government does Greece have and who is in charge?

a president is in charge

What kind of jobs did the kids have in ancient Greece?

kids in ancient Greece often did house work like collecting water.

What kind of job after BBA in India?

government jobs,

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What kind of government jobs did tang dynasty have?

they had farming, traders, craftsmen, and rulers

What kind of business is Argos?

argos is a public limated companie meaning it gives its servesis and things to the public

What kind of government allowed citizens to make political decisions in ancient Greece?

Democratic ones.

What kind of jobs do scribes do?

they wrote prayers, laws, and stuff for the government in their country

What kind of jobs were there in the colony of?

Some jobs are carpenters, farmers, blacksmiths, part of the government, a portsman, craftsman, lumberman, sailors, trappers and, fishers!

What kind of government jobs are available in DC?

There are many jobs relating to government work in Washington, DC. It depends on personal preference, but here are just a few government jobs available in DC: Health Insurance Researcher, Maintenance Worker, Project Manager, Army National Guard.

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every kind