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government jobs,

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Q: What kind of job after BBA in India?
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What is stating salary of bba in aviation in India?

what is the starting salry of bba in aviation in india

What is the position of United International University in job market for BBA?

Actually it is the best private university for BBA in Bangladesh.After completing BBA from UIU you will be able to get a good job.

What is starting salary of bba in India?


What you do after bba?

There are many options after BBA but I suggest you to go for MBA. So that you can get good job. I have done the same.

If you have done bba in distance learning and MBA in full time course is it good for the job?

i have done bba in distance learning and MBA in full time course is it good for the job

Why bba-personal interview question?

wanna do professsional job

What is the salary a bba gets?

Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) is only a bachelor degree. In this fierce competition world BBA students feel great difficulty in getting a job. MBA is minimum requirement with some experiencing in order to get the job. If a BBA student gets a job he will be paid according to the level of his intellect. The second thing which will be seen while deciding the salary is the University from where a student has qualified for the degree.

How do you get a BBA?

if you wanna pursue your career in Management field, than BBA is the best option. Now a days, many interesting options are available in BBA like : BBA Auto Marketing BBA Aviation Operations BBA Digital Marketing BBA Financial Services Marketing BBA Foreign Trade BBA Logistics Management BBA Oil & Gas Marketing BBA Retail Management These programs have huge scope in the job market. I would advise students to look for these programs. Having said that I would also advise you to look for UPES,Dehradun the only university in India offering core sector programs.

What are Chances of getting job after BBa?

Yes we have many opportune . we get job in any field easily.

What is the importance of BBA?

If student have business mind than BBA is the best platform for him. Studying BBA helps an individual to get all the relevant and basic knowledge of the market. Students who want to do job in FMCG and telecommunication sector should do BBA before this Masters course.

What are the job opportunity of BBA completing students in US?

finance related

Which degree is better BBA or BBM in India?

For the source and detailed information concerning your request, click on the related links section indicated below.better to join in bba are bbm