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The m 1 garand was probably the most useful gun back then.

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What kind guns did soldiers use in world war 1?

Machine guns,rifles,and pistols(more too!)

What equipment did soldiers in World War 1 use?


What weapons did the soldiers have in World War I?

Rifle, Gas, Machine guns, Zeppelin, Tanks, Planes and Torpedoes were used by the soldiers in world war 1....

In World War 1 did soldiers have to be trained to used machine guns?


Did soldiers in World war 2 take their guns home on leave with them?

No, Yes

What did infantry soldiers do in World War 2?

Infantry soldiers were like the men who walked around on the ground with guns

What weapons did Germany soldiers use in world war 2?

slightshine guns and springfeild's

What did they fight with in World War I?

guns like machine kind

What kind of diseases did the soldiers get in world war 1?


How did the black soldiers contribute in the civil war?

With guns

How many people died from machine guns in World war 1?

96,786 soldiers died from machine gun's

What did the machine gun do in World War 1?

Machine guns were used to kill or injure soldiers on the opposing army.

Why did the soldiers have guns in World War 1?

to kill the enames. wow who ever asked that queston he must be stopud

How was the trench in World War 1 defended?

The soldiers had machine guns, rifles and grenades, with which they killed each other.

What were trucks used for in world war 1?

to transport dead and alive soldiers. also, to transport equipment (guns)

Words that describe World War 2?

Terrible, stupid, dangerous, terrifying, planes, bombs, germans, the world, death, soldiers, guns, ammo and anything to do with war

Are there golden guns in Call of Duty World at War?

No there is not golden guns in World at war.

What guns changed from world war 1 to world war 2?

the machine guns

What was the impact of modern warfare on soldiers during World War 1?

Modern warfare caused great physical and emotional trauma to the soldiers in World War 1. The new technologies included machine guns and mustard gas.

Which exercises the soldiers did during World War 2?

they did every kind of exercises they did every kind of exercises

What kind of jobs did soldiers get after coming back from World War 2?

soldiers did nothing they wre poor soldiers did nothing they wre poor

What kind of guns did Australia use in World War 2?

Pistols, rifles, machine guns, mortars, artillery and other cannon.

Who used the guns in the civil war?

Soldiers on both sides

What weapon killed the most in World War 1?

Either artillery, machine guns, or the rifles and bayonets of common soldiers.

What did German soldiers in World War 2 carry with them?

Guns, hard helmets, magazines, and a lot of hatred for Jewish people.