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mountains or big forest

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Do brown bears live in the same habitat as grizzly bears?

brown bears are the spiece as grizzles so yes they do

What kind of bears live in the taiga?

Black bears, grizzly bears, and even brown bears.

What kind of bears live in coniferous forests?

Black bears, Brown bears, Grizzly Bears.

What kind of bears live in Arkansas?

Black bears. The polar bear and brown bear live up north.

Where do brown bears live in?

brown bears live in PA.

What animals live in a park habitat?

squirrels rabbits and lots of other animals it depends on what habitat u live in there are brown bears (very friendly) chipmunks

Do black bears live in grassy or dirt forests?

Black bears can live in nearly every kind of habitat, except polar regions.

Were do brown bears live?

brown bears live in forest or caves

What kind of bears live in California?

Only black bears live in California. Even thought many bears appear to be brown in color, they are all black bears.

What kind of climate do brown bears live in?

Brown bears live in a number of climates. They range from high mountains to fields of ice. They are found North American and in Siberia.

What is the brown bears habitat?

The Brown Bear's habitat varies by the region they live in. In North America, they like to live along the coastline, in alpine meadows, and in the tundra. In Europe, they're found in mountain woodlands. In Siberia, their preference is to be in the forest.

Do polar bears live in the summer?

Polar bears still live in the same habitat.

Do brown bears live on mountains?

Brown bears live on mountains and in forests of North America, Asia and Europe. Brown bears mainly live in the western state mountains in the U.S.

What bears live in the grasslands?

brown bears and black bears

Do brown bears live in Missouri?

brown bears do not live in Missouri but they are well none in other places

How are polar bears and brown bears different?

because polar bears are use to the cold weather and they live in it too. brown bears live in the heat and are use to it.

What types of bears live in Canada?

Brown bears, black bears ,Grizzly bearsActually, grizzly bears are brown bears (brown bears is the species name, and it includes Kodiak, Russian Brown Bears and Grizzlies among others). Also, there are Polar Bears in Canada as well. So the answer is Brown (Grizzly and Kodiak), Black, and Polar bears.brown grizzly and kodiak bears,black,and polar bears live in Canada

Do polar bears live near a penguin's habitat?

NO. Polar bears live on the opposite pole to where penguins live.

What type of home is for brown bears?

some brown bears live in the woods but some live in the rain foest

What temperatures do the brown bears live in Saskatchewan?

Actually, brown bears don't live in Saskatchewan. Grizzly bears do, which are considered the same species as brown bears, but many consider them different. Temperatures these bears live in range from -10 C to over +30 C.

Where do brown bears lives?

Brown bears live in the U.S.A, Canada, Spain, and India.

Do brown bears live in the forest?

Yes. Bears do live in forests. They also live in woods.

What is a black bears habitat?

They often live in the mountains :)

What type of bears live in Alaska?

the bears that live in Alaska......are polar bears and brown bear :)

How do bears camouflage?

Bears camouflage by being similar colors to their environments. Polar bears are white because they live in a white environment. Brown bears are brown because they live in the woods.

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