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Q: What kind of hats does the character Angel Batista wear in the series Dexter?
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Who is Mj Baptista?

Perhaps you mean Angel Batista from Dexter.

In terry Lindsay's books why does Dexter refer to angel angel no relation?

This is a reference to the Batista that Castro took control of Cuba from. Since Miami has a large Cuban community the idea is that on introduction Angel Batista is ask if he is related to the historic figure that he often answers "no relation".

When was Angel Batista created?

Angel Batista was created in 2004.

In the television show series Angel who plays Cordelia?

The character Cordelia Chase from the television series Angel is played by Charisma Carpenter. Cordelia Chase was originally a character on the television series Buffy the Vampire Slayer, she was also played by Charisma Carpenter.

What singer was title character in TV series Angel crazy about?

Barry Manilow

What are the ratings and certificates for Dexter - 2006 The Angel of Death 6-5?

Dexter - 2006 The Angel of Death 6-5 is rated/received certificates of: Netherlands:16 USA:TV-MA

Is Sam Winchester a fallen angel?

In the TV series "Supernatural" the character Sam Winchester is not depicted as a fallen angel, but rather, as a person with a very unusual destiny.

Which season and episode on 'Dexter' does this quote come from 'Angel if I got to choose a person a real person to be like out of anyone it'd be you'?

Season 2 Episode 11 Turn Left Ahead "You know Angel, if I got to choose a person, like a real person to be like, out of anyone, it'd be you" (Dexter, to Angel).

When did the criss angel series start?

Criss Angel started his MindFreak Series in 2005

Who is the most famous character in DN Angel?

Well, the most well known character is Dark Mousy. He lives within the body of Daisuke Niwa, who is probably the second most famous of the series.

What does ptd stand for in the context of some anime or manga and what series is it from also apparently the d stands for dark if that helps?

It stands for 'Phantom thief dark' Apparently a character from the D.N. Angel series.

Is Dark Mousy the hottest anime in the whole world?

Dark Mousy isn't an Anime. That's the name of a character. The Series is called "DN Angel"