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What kind of impact did Michael Jordan have on the world?

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What kind of student was Michael Jordan?

did michael jordan finish high school

What kind of impact did Michael Jackson have on the world?

He inspired many people to follow their dreams

What kind of work does Michael Jordan do?


What kind of golf did Michael Jordan play?


Did Michael Jordan do any kind of drugs?

Micheal Jordan did not do any type of drugs.

What kind of car did Michael Jordan drive?

Mercedes Benz

What kind of special training did Michael Jordan have?

vertical jumping

What kind of pets does Michael Jordan have?

he has an Akita,which is a type of dog

What kind of superstar was Michael Jordan?


What kind of car does Michael Jordan drive and what year?

A Mustang car in 2008.

What kind of car does Michael Jordan have?

he drives a lamborghini mucilago and diablo and mclaren f1

What kind of vehicles does Michael Jordan own?

a beat up old cheavy cruise.

How much is a Michael Jordan Wheatie Box?

lol depends what kind of cereal it is lol jk. It is about $10.00

What kind of shoes did Michael Jordan wear at North Carolina?

I'm pretty sure it was Nike

The most kind person in the world was?

Michael Jackson.

What kind of mountain does Jordan has?

which jordan

Famous People with the MJ initials?

Mick Jagger (Singer of the Rolling Stones) Michael Jackson Michael Jordan Mitchell Johnson (Australian Cricket player) Magic Johnson kind of: Martin Luther King Jr....Martin+Jr= MJ?? Marion Jones

What kind of government does Jordan have?

Jordan is a constitutional monarchy.

What kind of impact did Notorious B.I.G's death have on the world?

It make his fans cry

What kind of sports did Michael Jordan play in elementary school?

basket ball of course but he was bad at it then he had to train a lot then he made hes school team

Gold had what kind of impact on Europe?

gold had what kind of impact on europe?

What kind of impact has LeBron James put on the world?

he played basketball really well

How tall is Michael Kind?

Michael Kind is 184 cm.

What kind of hat is Spike Lee wearing in the old school Michael Jordan commercial?

a cycling cap.. search it on google shopping.. it says Brooklyn on it.. =D

What kind of doctor is Dr Michael Bennie?

World renowned brain surgeon. Considered to be the best in the world by his peers.