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Some type of insect with 6 legs a black or orange spot on it's back and is problly a spider...

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WHAT flying insect has black body with orange legs looks very like an ant only has very long a tania?

The flying, ant-like insect with a black body and orange legs is called a spider wasp or pompilid wasp. They can be found in South America, particularly in Venezuela and Colombia.

What is a small insect that looks like a fly but has no wings. It is black with white stripes. Looks like a cross between a spider and a fly?

The insect that looks like a fly but has no wings and has black with white stripes and looks like a cross between a spider and a fly is namely, Jerusalem cricket.

What insect looks like a bee with black and white spotted wings?

The orange-headed wasp moth has black and yellow-orange stripes on its body in a pattern similar to a bee. The wings of this insect are black with white spots.

How do you identify a black widow spider?

This is what a Black Widow Spider looks like... Shiny Black, ½ inch long, Red or orange spot, shaped like an hourglass, on underside.

What insect looks like a very large black bee with black wings and an orange stripe in the center?

Carpenter bees are very large bees with a black body and black wings. They also have an orange stripe in the center of the body.

What flying insect looks like a blue wasp with an orange stripe near the thorax on the abdomen?

This wasp belongs to the family Pompilidae and is referred to as the Blue-Black Spider Wasp (Anoplius americanus). Their name derives from feeding spiders to their young.

What spider is Black looks like black widow with white shape on underside?

It's my understanding that the color of the markings on a black widow are by and large red, but can appear in yellow, orange, and white. I would regard that spider as a black widow for safety's sake.

How does the black widow spider look like?

it is shiny and the size of a paper clip and has a red or orange symbol that looks like a hourglass

What insect looks like a wasp and is black in color with one orange stripe?

Many insects mimic wasps and bees. One insect that looks like a wasp without wings, and has a hairy-looking body with a red or orange stripe is the "velvet ant." This is actually a wingless female wasp with a painful sting.

What bug looks like a small orange praying mantis?

A small orange phasmid,(Stick insect)

What company's logo looks like a spider web?

What logo is a black spider web

Looks like a wasp or bee but it's flat with yellow-orange abdomen with two black stripes and has large eyes?

An insect that looks like a bee or a wasp with a yellow or orange abdomen and two black stripes might be the arge coccinia or the sawfly. Depending on your area, this might also be a paper wasp.

What is the average walking speed of a spider?

The average walking speed of a spider is about a mile per hour. This looks very fast because the insect is very small.

What type of insect is ant like and orange It looks like a combineation of an ant and spider and is orange...they are all over my orange tree?

It sounds like a Velvet Ant to me, AKA Mule Killer, AKA Cow Killer - these are actually a species of wingless wasps. See link for more information on this species.

How do tigers looks?

Most Tigers have orange and black stripes unless they are white and black. Most Tigers have orange and black stripes unless they are white and black.

How do you know a tiger is a tiger?

it has black stripes and it looks orange

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