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That would be comprehensive coverage.

Anonymous is wrong! It would be collision. It doesn't matter if the vehicle was occupied or parked. If something on the ground collides with your auto it is a collision claim.

If your car is hit, then, yes, collision insurance covers it, but the *other driver's* collision. In the event that the other driver does not have or does not have enough collision insurance, you will need uninsured/underinsured motorist covered to pay for your loss, which, by the way, also pays for your loss if your car was hit in the parking lot and the other driver took off (i.e., hit-and-run).

Comprehensive coverage will take care of this in NY. Vandalism

I am a experienced agent for a large company, if the driver does not turn himself in to you it would be covered under the comprehensive portion of your contract. (and would be considered vandalism).if the driver stays and his company pays the expense it would be covered under collison on his policy.

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Q: What kind of insurance policy would cover your car in the event it is hit in a parking lot?
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