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Cable or DSL

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โˆ™ 2011-03-19 14:15:34
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Q: What kind of internet do you have to have for Playstation network?
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Do you have to pay during PlayStation network?

The PlayStation network does not have a charge, but internet service does

What is the PlayStation internet named?

It is called Playstation Network or PSN

How do you get PlayStation network for PS3?

After you PS3 has an internet connection you need to register and join the Playstation network

Is internet free on PlayStation 3?

No only the Playstation Network is free you mist pay for the internet

Is ps3 internet free?

No you must pay for the internet. What is free is PlayStation Network, you must also pay for PlayStation network Plus which offers extras over the PlayStation network. see related link

Does Playstation network corrupt your internet?

no it doesnt

How much do you pay for internet service on PS3?

The internet service is not part of the PlayStation network to get the PlayStation Network (PSN) you must already have internet service and then PSN is free

Is there a charge when playing PlayStation 3 on the internet?

No, PlayStation Network is totally free.

Do you need the internet for PlayStation network?

Yes of course you do. It is a part of the internet

Do you need internet to download something out of the PlayStation store?

You need the internet to even go to the Playstation Store. To download from it you need a Playstation Network account and the internet.

Does playstation network connect with wireless internet?

yes it can be.

How do you join PlayStation home?

The Playstation Home is part of the Playstation network and if you have a PS3 with a internet connection it is available to you

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