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What kind of job can a person with a felony get in Mississippi?


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Not a very good one. Employers are hesitant to hire convicted felons because of concerns about reliability and honesty. In exchange for being willing to hire a convicted felon, employers expect to pay less. After getting out of prison, felons continue to pay for their crime. On the one hand it's unfortunate for the Ex-Con, but on the other hand you can't blame the employer for wanting something for being willing to take the risk. The person would be unable to obtain a position in law enforcement, security agencies (such as Brinks), most financial institutions, and those professions similar. For the most part in private business it is up to the person who decides who should be hired. It might also depend upon the terms of the person's release or probation, for instance a felony that involved a crime against a minor would negate any type of employment relating to or being in the proximity of children. Several times courts have found hotel or restaurant employers liable when employees with prior convictions commited a crime against a customer or co-worker, so they will NEVER hire someone with a felony conviction. Hospitals also hesitate.


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