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Not much. Get your BSN if you want to do other things, however you will still be in the nursing field.

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Q: What kind of job can you get with an associate of applied science in nursing other than a nursing job?
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What is the difference between an associates in science degree and an associates in applied science degree in nursing?

An Associates in Science degree is a more general education degree, including more humanities and general sciences. An Associate in Applied Science, nursing or otherwise, is a more targeted degree for that profession. A "regular" associates degree is more transferrable to a Bachelor's degree and more all-purpose (can be applied to several jobs but in a general way), whereas an "applied" degree is more likely to get you a specific job (but no other job).

What is the difference between an Associate of science degree versus an associate of occupational science degree?

well one is associate and other is occupational

What courses are mandatory to obtain an associates in applied science?

An associate in applied science is a general degree type from which many specific programs of study (majors) fall. In other words, an associate in applied science in, electronics engineering technology, physical therapy assistant, office systems technology, computer science, etc. Each have course requirements particular to themselves. Once you indicate a specific program, then you can research the general course requirements. However, the course requirements may vary slightly according the specific college.

What type of science seeks to use knowlege for specific goals?

There are two categories of scientific knowledge. One is basic science and the other is applied science. It is generally the applied science used for specific goals. At the same time, all the applied sciences are researched through the basic sciences.There are two categories of scientific knowledge. One is basic science and the other is applied science. It is generally the applied science used for specific goals. At the same time, all the applied sciences are researched through the basic sciences.

Is a Bachelor's of Science the same as a BSN Bachelor's of Science in Nursing?

No. A bachelor's of science is a general degree category from which many specific programs of study fall. The BSN, is only one of those specific programs of study. In other words, a bachelor of science in nursing (BSN).

How do I abbreviate an associate's degree?

The abbreviation for an Associate's Degree is A.A.S, which stands for Associate in Applied Science. It is a technical or occupational degree meant for students training to enter a career upon completion of the degree, with no other college required.

What is pure science and applied science?

Pure science is science done in a laboratory. It is also called natural science. Applied science is also called technology or engineering. It is done outside. In pure science, a biologist might discover a drug that kills a bacteria. In applied science, a physician might find out if that drug cures a patient. In pure science a physicist might discover a new way to make a diode. In applied science an engineer will see if it works in a television set. Edit by other user Pure science deals with abstract ideas and facts and applied science tries to find applications for those ideas

Compare pure science from applied science?

science is about discovering new things via the scientific method. For example, discovering new bacteria which may cause a new disease by isolating the bacteria, growing it and sequencing its DNA for example. applied science is using science for other purposes. all doctors and physiotherapists are applied scientists.

Differences of computer science and applied computer science?

Generally, "applied computer science" is another way of saying "computational science." This field typically relates to the use of algorithms, computers and other things that Computer Science studies to other fields. For example, computational biology (the use of computers to study things like the human genome) is a perfect example of "applied computer science." The relationship between Computer Science and Applied Computer Science is sort of like the relationship between Biology and Environmental Science -- the former is more concerned with describing the field itself and the latter is more concerned with the 'useful' application of certain knowledge within the field to other problems.

How long does it take a full-time college student to earn a bachelor's degree in nursing?

You only need an associate degree to become a Registered Nurse. That usually takes two years to complete AFTER you have completed the minimum eligibility requirements, usually consisting of math, biology and chemistry (among other classes). You can take an associate degree in nursing at community colleges and regional campuses of major universities. If you are interested in a nursing managerial position, a bachelor's degree would be recommended. It would take four years at a four year college or university to earn a BSN (Bachelor of Science in Nursing). Many colleges have RN to BSN transition programs. Those nurses earn an associate degree, work in the filed for a few years, then come back to finish the bachelor's. Answer- Nursing professionals usually enter the profession after completing bachelor's degree in nursing. It is a four-year Bachelor of Science in Nursing course. After bachelor's degree in nursing you have to qualify the National Council Licensure Examination-Registered Nurse to become a registered nurse.

What are the other 4 branches of science?

Besides Physical Sciences, there are 3 other branches of science. These are Social Sciences, Formal Sciences and Applied Sciences.

How many credit hours are required for an associate's degree in mortuary science?

A mortuary science program is an associate degree program. Credits earned may or may not be transferable to other colleges. An associate degree is generally a 60 credit program.

What jobs can you get with an associate's degree in sciences?

While any degree will open more doors of opportunity, it also depends on the specific program of study (major). The associates in science is a general degree type from which many specific programs of study fall. In other words, an associate in science in engineering, or nursing, physical therapy, computer science etc. Thus, the job possibilities would be dependent on what your major was.

What are the nursing theories of the Philippines?

The science of healthcare reaches around the globe. Nursing theories in the Philippines are very similar to what they would be in Canada or Mexico or China, or in most other countries.

Do you need anything other than a high school diploma for RN to Bachelor of Science in Nursing?

Yes. You need an RN License which is now a minimum of 2 years in nursing school.

Is science and technology synonymous?

Science and technology are closely related but they are not synonymous. Science is about understanding the universe in which we live, and technology is about using that understanding to create useful inventions or other innovations. Technology is applied science.

What is Science that is applied to make things like computers medicine space travel and other advances?


Can you be a nurse with a Bachelor's Degree in Humanities?

At the four year level, you need to have a bachelor's of science in nursing (BSN). There are other options to include an associates of science in nursing, and a diploma program - typically hospital based - which I do not recommend unless you already have an existing degree (preferably a bachelor's).

What are the main branches of applied science?

The four main branches science is chemistry, physics, biology, and math. There are other smaller categories asigned to these basic groups.

What do you call science that is applied to make things like computers medicine space travel and other advances?


How do you abbreviate associate's degree with a background in business?

Within the United States, the degrees at the associate level are not typically broken down with the major indicated for each program of study. Some schools offer the business degree and an associate of arts (AA), while other an associate in science (AS), and rarely, the associate of business administration (ABA).

What are the advantages of getting an Associate of Arts and Associate of Science degree?

In general, neither one has an advantage over the other. Every degree program of study (Major) at the Associates level will fall into one of three areas, an Associates of Arts, an Associates of Science, or an Associates in Applied Science. The Science degree will have less general education courses then the Arts degree, and the Applied Science will have less general education courses than the other two. The less general education courses really indicates the degree becomes more career oriented. The Arts degrees are really meant to complete the first two years of a four year program, which includes the general education cluster with appropriate prerequisites for the higher level major requirements and major elective areas. The Science degrees are usually a bit more career oriented in that it is more of a hands on approach to a field of study. The Applied Science is very particular to a field of study and is designed to give the student all the expertise he/she will need in order to enter the work force after completion of the degree. You have to be careful with the Applied Science area. If you intend to transfer to a four year college or university, make sure the community college has special articulations with the four year institutions so that you are assure of a full faith in credit transfer. Viper1

How many school years for forensic nurse?

I am no expert or anything but i have been looking for the same answer because i want to be a forensic nurse. As I read in various other places you have to go to accredited college and get your RN (registered nurse) A RN requires up to 2-4 years depending on if you want associate degree or bachelor degree in Science degree in Nursing. Then once you get your nursing license in the state you will be practicing in. After at least 3 years in experience as an RN you then take some special training through forensic nursing courses.

How is CCNA certification different from CNA?

A CNA is a certified nursing assistant and CCNA certification is a Cisco Certified Network Associate. One is a healthcare professional and the other is a computer networking expert.

Definition of math?

The abstract science of number, quantity, and space. Mathematics may be studied in its own right (pure mathematics), or as it is applied to other disciplines such as physics and engineering (applied mathematics).