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A convex lens would focus sunlight to the point that it could start a fire.

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Q: What kind of lens would let you focus the sun rays light to start a fire?
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Can you start a fire with a heat lamp?

Yes, you can. Just take a magnifiying glass and focus the beam until you see a concentrated beam of light towards the thing you desire to light on fire.

What kind of lens would let you focus the sun's rays to start a fire?


How does one light a fireplace fire?

To light a fireplace fire one first needs to get some material to light, for example wood or coal, ensuring that it is dry. One will then need to get firelighters to start the fire which one would then start with a match.

How can a convex lens be useful for making a fire?

A convex lens converges light. If the sun is out, you can concentrate enough light on a point to start a fire. There is an old joke about the Focus Ranch, where the "sons raise meat" -- or where the "suns rays meet".

Can you light a fire in the desert?

Lighting strikesShards of glass (broken bottles) focus sunlight and ignite vegetable matter...

Can a fire start through the refraction and conversion of light?

it can, for instance selling fire to things through glasses can work with refracted light

If you are travelling at the speed of light and fire a bullet what would happen?

it is impossible to fire a bullet a the speed of light

How many gingers does it take to start a fire?

2; one to get wood, and one to light fire with hair.

What did Kensuke use to light to fire at the end of Kensuke's Kingdom?

in Kensukes kingdom how does Michael start the fire

If you use a magnifying glass focus the rays of the sun could it make a fire?

Certainly! It is a very good way to start a fire if you don't have any matches.

Is it possible to start a fire with a tazer?

Absolutely, they can start fires. It would be extremely unlikely of catching larger items on fire without a flammable or combustible object being nearby or being started as well. However, it is not suggested you light anything flammable or combustible on fire. You should not start any sort of fires like this unless you are in an emergency situation and it is the only way to start a fire when it is absolutely needed.

How do they start the fire in Lord of the Flies?

They collect dead wood and use lenses from Piggy's glasses to focus the sunlight and set wood on fire. (Since Piggy had been - very likely - nearsighted, his glasses would be useless. Nearsighted people need diverging lenses which cannot set fire. It seems to be a serious hole in the plot, for nitpickers.)