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they're horny bithes that bang us hard :)

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Q: What kind of music does Marie Curie like?
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What kind of music did Marie curie like?

Old classical music

What hobbies Marie Curie did like to do?

Marie curie liked to study science she was a girl.

What kind of hair style did Marie curie have?

Marie Curie had very good hair styles. She always had a bun. BUT NOT LIKE OTHER PEOPLE! She always had a type of designed clip or something

What did Marie Curie like to do?

She liked

How did Marie curie dress like?

like a hooker

What was Marie Curie like as a youngster?

Marie Curie was a physicist and chemist. She went to school as a young girl and also tutored. It is though that Marie suffered from depression.

What classes did Marie curie not like?

Marie curie loved every class since she loved school.Especially physics, chemistry and science.

What was Marie Curie's childhood like?

marie curie childhood was was very tough

What was Marie curie childhood like?

it was very hard

What did Marie curie like in studying?

science math and physics

Were did Marie curie do must of her work?

Marie Curie did most of her work in her lab room and at home but noting her house in kinda like a shed out back of her home.

Why did Marie Curie become a scientist?

Because Marie Curie Went to school to study and became very famous for going to school and studied like she was suppose to.

How did Irene Joliot-Curie die?

Like her mother, Marie Curie, Irène Joliot-Curie died of leukemia caused by radiation exposure.

What did Marie Curie look like when she was little?

cute little girl

What are Other names for Marie Curie?

she had other names like mikey.

How can you explain that Marie curie is your favorite scientist?

You can state why she inspires you and why you like her.

Was there anything wrong with Marie curies daughters?

Like her mother Marie Curie, Irene Joliot-Curie died of leukemia. She also battled tuberculosis and other ailments for many years.

What does Marie Curie look like?

The photo link below has a nice picture of her.

What was life like for Marie Curie?

It was hearse for her because of her mother and sister's death

Why did Marie curie not patent her discovery?

She felt like radium didn't belong to her.

Is Marie Curie anything to do with Marie Curie Cancer Care?

The Marie Curie (named after the pioneer of radioactivity) Memorial Foundation, now Marie Curie Cancer Care, was created in 1948 at the Marie Curie Hospital in Hampstead, England. Like other cancer foundations in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Ireland and Japan, they chose the daffodil as a symbol of hope. Their annual March fundraiser, the Great Daffodil Appeal, has raised over 72 million pounds for patient services and research since it was started in 1986.

What makes Marie curie special?

Marie Curie is speacial because she won the Mattucci medel,the Day medal,theNobel Prize in physics with her husband Pierre Curie and a scientist she worked with and then in chemistry.Also Her daughter won the nobel prize in chemistry for discovering artificial radioactivity. P.S. This is all true because I did research on Marie Curie like only 3 weeks ago.

Did Marie Curie like science?

One can only assume she did as she made it her life's work.

What did marie curie do for fun?

she did lots of things like read books, and play with her friends and family.

That did Marie curie discovery help in the future?

Marie Curie help people with cancer like her husband but too bad she died of cancer/leukemia months or years after she discovered ,almost a cure for cancer which was radio activity.