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footworking music makes your heart rate go up :)

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What kind of music makes heart patients feel better?


What kind of music is good for the brain?

Any music that makes you think is good for the brain. It has been shown that children that listen to classical music get higher test scores than those who do not.

Does faster or slower music raise your pulse?

Faster music will raise one's pulse because it kind of relates to a stressful situation and it releases adrenaline which makes your heart beat faster.

What kind of music makes Prodigy?


What kind of music does Pink Floyd play?

the kind that makees your heart rumble

What kind of music did the people on the titanic listen to?

my heart will go on

Does a certain kind of music genre affect a dogs behavior?

I dunno but it does with my dogs. Rock music makes them routy and slow music makes them calm

What kind of music do people in Europe listen to?

music that makes really gross noises

What heart murmur do?

a heart murmur really doesn't do anything it makes a sound in your heart but it depends what kind of murmur you have

What kind of doctor makes the most money?

the heart doctor!!

What kind of a band makes no music?

a rubber band! lol!

What kind of muscle makes up the wall of the heart?

Cardiac Muscle.

What kind of tissue makes up most of the heart?

smooth muscle

How does music make your life better?

It makes you feel like you are in control. Well if you listen to you kind of music

Which makes more money video games or music?

it is kind of tied

What does music and science have in common?

Well...Music is kind of science. Because it was science that created music. And that makes music common with science! (Also radios and TVs!)

What kind of music did Tom Petty and the heart breakers play?

They play Rock n Roll

What kind of music is played while doing ballet?

Most music for ballet is created by Jean-Baptiste Lully and John Weaver. This kind of music is most of the time very calm and makes you feel calm inside.

What kind of cells is the heart made up of?

heart is made up of only one kind of muscle cells which makes it a muscle tissue the type of the muscle is known as cardiac muscle!

What can a flute be used for?

A Flute is used for playing music. It usually plays in the higher notes, depending on what kind you have.

What is the least favorite kind of music?

country music...all of the country singers are gay and its so stupid it makes no sense half the time

Kind of muscle that makes up the walls of the heart?

cardiac muscle! Oh and if you say the heart doesn't have a muscle U R STUPID! It has a muscle

When was music brought to the world?

I don't think there is a evidence to the first music but it makes sense to believe it was around since mankind kind was first around

Chrsi browns fav music?

Chris Brown has not said what kind of music is his favorite. He is a R and B singer, so he must love the music that he makes. He has also been featured on a lot of hip hop artist's music, which probably makes him a big fan of that genre too.

What kind of music makes bamboo grow fast?

slow music... they are always the best for glowing plants.... try some thing nice and slow :P