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An outside observer narration is known as third-person point of view. This type of narration involves the narrator telling the story from an external perspective, where they are not a character in the story but rather an observer. This allows for a broader view of the events and characters.

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Q: What kind of narration is an outside observer?
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What is Narration by an outside observer known as?

Narration by an outside observer is known as third person narration. A third person narrator is an impartial, objective third person who is not part of the story.

Third-person narration refers to narration that is?

Third-person narration refers to a point of view where the events of a story are narrated by an outside observer who is not a character in the story. This narrator can provide information about different characters' thoughts and actions without being a part of the story. It allows for a more objective presentation of events compared to first-person narration.

What do you call it when the author is not a character in the story but is on the outside looking in?

That is third person narration

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