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What kind of plants and animals are in Iceland?

cats, dogs, hens, cows, sheep's, plants, mice, and foxes

What covers most of Iceland that starts with L?

leaves No not leaves, there are no native trees in Iceland. The answer is lichen, I kind of moss that grows on rocky outcroppings in arctic countries like Iceland

What kind of plants are there in the Atlantic region?

There are many plants that live in the Atlantic region. Some of the native plants are more of the flowering kind, such as Bloodroot, Bluestar and Service Berry and Native Azaleas.

What kind of plants are native to North America?

Switchgrass is one kind of plant.

Does Iceland have frogs and toads?

no Iceland has no native frogs

Do frogs live in Iceland?

NO, there are no frogs native to Iceland,

Do they have trees in Iceland?

Yes, Iceland has a lot of trees and plants.

What grows in Iceland?


What kind of landform in Iceland?

Iceland is a volcanic Island

What was leif ericson native country?


What are native plants of Malaysia?

plants that are native to msia

What are the native plants of the ocean?

what are the native plants in the ocean

What kind of jobs are there in Iceland?

You can't go to Iceland in Sims

How are native and non native plants similar?

they are both plants

What are Cambodia's native plants?

Native plants include grass and leaves

Why are native plant gardens important?

Because the native plants grow best in their native place, which is whereever you are. Also, planting native plants is good for the earth and economy itself, since the soil is not used to unusual plants, and native plants are grown in your native country.

What kind of plants grow in New Mexico?

Almost anything grows there except native tropical plants because it is a desert! (a very nice one at that!)

What are the native plants in France?

Some native plants are lavender, lichen, and moss.

What are browse plants?

They are Native plants.

Who are the native people of Iceland?

Iceland was settled by the Norsemen (Vikings) of Scandinavia around 850. Icelanders are of Nordic and Celtic stock.

What kind of houses do they have in iceland?


What kind of volcano is iceland volcano?

There are many volcanoes in Iceland of all three types.

What are the native plants and their adaptations to live in the desert?

cactus and dates were the native plants of deserts

What kind of food does comox tribe eat?

they eat clams, oysters, native plants, beach food and salmon

Which plants had the most requirements for fertilizers and pesticides native or non native?

native plants had most requirements of fertilizers and pesticides.