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What kind of neurons serve as links between the sensory neurons and the motor neurons?


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Interneurons are the neurons that make up the central nervous system (the brain and spinal cord). They internally communicate between the input from sensory neurons and our physical reaction triggered by the motor neurons.


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Interneurons or association neurons connect signals between the sensory neurons and motor neurons.

Sensory neurons sense things, while motor neurons control muscles and reflexes.

interneuron (also called association neuron, local circuit neuron or relay neuron

Motor neuron has got a motor.. but you have to peddle sensory neurons.

Functionally, neurons come in three varieties; motor neurons, sensory neurons and interneurons. Motor neurons conduct motor impulses from the CNS to the muscles. Sensory neurons conduct motor impulses from the rest of the body to the CNS. Interneurons connect the sensory to the motor so we can respond to incoming sensory stimuli.

sensory has to do with your smell tast motor has to do with your moving around and you acttion

Within the spinal cord, there are interneurons which link sensory and motor neurons. In some cases though, the sensory neurons synapse directly onto the motoneurons for example the Ia afferent (sensory neuron from the spinal cord) has a monosynaptic (1 synapse) connection to alpha motoneurons in the spinal cord. This monosynaptic connection is the reason why stretch reflexes can occur rapidly.

communicates between the sensory and motor neurons

Communication between sensory and motor neurons.

Spinal nerves have both sensory neurons and motor neurons

Interneurons, which make sense--they're the intermediaries. Many interneurons can send simultaneous messages to the brain and motor neurons--this is called a reflex arc.This is the interneuron. It is in the spinal cord. They act as a "go between" the sensory neuron and the motor neuron. They also send information to the brain so that the brain is aware.Reflex arcs do NOT have these interneurons.

Yes, the limbs are innervated by both motor and sensory neurons.

Motor Neuron and Sensory Neuron

There are multiple differences in physical anatomy of neurons, but the basic difference is that motor neurons are responsible for carrying messages away from the brain, while sensory neurons are responsible for relaying information to the brain.

Associated Neurons a.k.a Interneurons, lie between motor and sensory neurons in neutral pathways where intergeneration occurs. Most interneurons are confined within the CNS.

They are always sensory.

An interneuron (also called relay neuron, association neuron, connector neuron or local circuit neuron) is a neuron that forms a connection between other neurons. Interneurons are neither motor nor sensory.

Sensory neurons, Motor neurons and Interneurons:P

Sensory neurons, motor neurons, and interneurons. Motor neurons usually carry information to muscles and glands. Sensory neurons carry information from sense organs or free endings to the spinal cord or brain. Interneurons act as a go between.

Sensory neurons are specialized to translate many forms of input (light waves, sound waves, tissue displacement, molecules suspended in air or dissolved in saliva, and so on) into action potentials. Motor neurons carry commands to glands and muscles. Association neurons have neither specific sensory nor motor functions, but rather form bridges between the sensory and motor neurons.

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