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unleaded 95

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โˆ™ 2010-04-08 17:26:37
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Q: What kind of oil does a Renault laguna 1.8 petrol take?
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How do you take your front bumper off your Renault laguna 02?

remove laguna bumper

What kind of oil does a petrol Renault espace 2002 take?

10w 40 semi synthetic is what you need

How do you replace heater matrix Renault laguna 1.8 1998?

take the whole dash out

Where is the obd2 socket on Renault laguna?

Take out the ashtray (in front of the gear stick) and in there you will find the connector

Can you take the engine out and leave the gearbox in place on a Renault laguna?

Yes you can If your Engine 1.6L or 2.0L with some tichnich

Why does the air bag warning light stay on all the time in your Renault laguna?

There is a problem with the SRS. This is not a DIY repair. Take it to a professional.

Where is the manual override for electric parking brake on a 56 Renault laguna?

under the centre console , lift the lid and take the bottom out, it is under there.

Renault Laguna 02 How do you get to the ns front headlight to change the bulbs?

you need to take the neck of your screenwash bottle out by pressing down and twisting, it is really tight,

Where is the fuse that works the radio on Renault laguna?

hi if its a phase 2...1998 to take your ashtray out and you will see a yellow 20 amp fuse....thats the one....renault main dealers charge £35 for offs.

How can you take of the dashboard where the automatic climate control is to the change the bulb Renault laguna 1998 1.6 16v?

Dunno for sure but there's a very useful explanation for lag 2 air con control unit light on Renault forum, with pictures! worked a treat for mine.

How to change a hid xenon headlight bulb on a 2002 Renault laguna II?

You can change the headlight through the engine compartment. Take hold of the headlight connector, push in and turn. The headlight will come out.

How long to replace clutch on Renault laguna?

Take out the old clutch. Place safely out of reach of any children. Pick up the new clutch and stick it in. You might need help from a friend as they can be heavy. Best of luck.

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