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Windows 7 does not use an operating system. Windows 7 is an operating system.


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Windows, MacOS, and Linux are the most common.

A "PC" uses some form of the Windows operating system. There are numerous versions, but the most popular are Windows XP and Windows 7.

Windows is an operating system developed by Microsoft. Apple makes Macintosh computers that run Apple's own Mac OS X operating system but can also run the Windows operating system.

Yes, Windows XP Business was and still is a good operating system. As of today 78% of business still use Windows XP as their primary operating system.

It is a nintendo operating system

If a game is written to use the Windows operating system then it will require the Windows operating system to play. The Mac's operating system (Mac OS X) is not Windows and so Windows games will not work with it. If it is a recent Mac with an Intel processor then you can install the Windows operating system on to the Mac and then you can play Windows games on a Mac.

windows is an operating system. you need to install it in a BIOS

The operating system "Windows 7" was released for public use in October of 2009. The Operating system that it replaced was "Windows Vista", a very troubled Operating system. The new OS to upgrade from Windows 7 is Windows 8 and it was released in October of 2012.

Any gamepad supported by your operating system (such as Windows or Linux) can be used.

Windows NT is the foundation for all current Windows Operating Systems. Windows XP, Vista, Workstation, and 7 all use the NT foundation. Windows ME was the other attempt at creating a stable Operating System foundation for future use, but it failed.

use windows easy transfer, perform an upgrade over the top of the old operating system

If you are referring to the operating system then a Mac's default operating system is called Mac OS X. A Mac can be downgraded to run most versions of the Windows operating system from XP to 7.

50% Peoples over the world use window Xp as their operating System

There are 3: Linux, Microsoft Windows, or Mac OS. Linux has a lot of operating systems under it.

HTC mobile phones use more than one operating system. One of the operating systems it uses is the Android based operating system. It also uses the Windows operating system.

Windows games are written to work with the Windows operating system. The Mac does not use the Windows operating system and so the game will not be able to work on a Mac. You will need to install the Windows operating system on your Mac or some software that emulates the parts of the Windows system that the game needs to have a Windows game work on a Mac.

Me personally? Windows XP and Windows 2003 terminals.

Windows 7 is an Operating System for use on personal Computers.

No there isn't. You can still access the Command Line through the various Windows operating systems, if there is anything needed to be done that way.

It is one of the many releases of Windows operating systems, and the first of the Windows 9x family (which is targeted towards consumer/home use) up until the release of Windows XP which merged the 9x and NT families into "tiers".

It is correct that the HTC HD7S does not use the Android phone operating system. Because the HTC HD7S is a Windows Phone, it uses the Windows Phone OS 7.

What makes you think Windows 3.i is not an operating system? Actually Windows 3.1 came as two parts, Windows 3.1 and MS DOS. Windows still comes that way! MS DOS is the operating system that runs the computer. Windows 3.1 contains the programs that you used. The operating system and the programs in Windows 7 are made separately, you simply do not realize that when you use the program.

Because it is the default operating system for PCs and laptops.

A desktop operating system is an operating system that was designed for use by people to preform tasks such as writing an essay, reading e-mail, etc, a good example is Windows XP. While a server operating system is an operating system that was designed to run on a server. An example is Windows Sever 2008.

Use system restore, failing that reinstall M.E.

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