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Molly Sash


pure ecstasy

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It could be a diet pill

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Q: What kind of pill is in a clear capsule and a hard green substance inside?
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What substance inside the chloroplast makes it green?


What substance inside the chloroplast makes the plant green?


During photosynthesis what green substance absorbes energy from the sun?

The green substance is called chlorophyll. It is a pigment found inside organelles called chloroplasts.

What green substance is required during photosynthesis?

Chlorophyl, which is stored inside the chloroplasts Chlorophyll

What is the predominant colour of a can of 7-up?

Green - even though the liquid inside is clear colour.

What antibiotic is green and white capsule?

keflex 250mg

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For a tepmorary fix you can brush on some clear nailpolish to the inside of the ring to keep it from turning your finger green.

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What does the science term chloroplast mean?

It comes from the Greek words, khloros (green) and plastos (formed).

What substance gives plants their green colour?

Chlorophyll is the substance that gives plants their green colour.

Why are leaves of plants green short answers?

What is the green substance in leaves of plants? The green substance in the leaves of plants is a pigment called chlorophyll

Is a green and pink capsule pain killer?

I believe that is prevacid. All pain killers that ive had in a capsule were usually the same color on both sieds. Prevacid is for acid reflex.