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Term life insurance does not have an FAQ - it is a type of life insurance. This life insurance is sold to cover a certain period of time. It does not have a cash savings component to it, and thus is usually quite a bit less expensive that other types of life insurance.


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Common questions about life insurance that one should ask the life insurance agents before buying a policy are if it is term or whole life insurance and how much it cost.

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Yes, many life insurance companies offer life insurance to applicants who are 81 and still insurable. Expect a lot of questions about your need for life insurance, your finances and your health.

"Yes you can obtain life insurance from Prudential. Questions you should ask yourself include how much life insurance do I need, Do I need life insurance for my family."

I am trying to locate someone to answer some questions for my dad on his old policy through bankers security life insurance society. I found that reliastar financial corporation in 1995 merged/bought them..still trying to get answers on my policy. any help would be great.

Cheap life insurance quotes can be found at

Cheap life insurance can be found easily in Indiana. Gerber, metlife and allstate all offer cheap life insurance policies. Choose term life insurance.

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No. The insured on any life insurance policy must be the one to answer the underwriting questions and to sign the insurance application. The insured does not have to be the owner or the premium payor but they must sign the application and answer the questions.

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Yes you can. offers up to 500,000 of life insurance with No medical exam, just a few health questions.

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Life Insurance policies can be found online or at a local insurance agent. Life insurance policies are available on most insurance websites AAA, AARP, and Geico just to name a few.

Information about the life term life insurance can be found on websites such as "Wikipedia", "Linguee", "State Farm", "Investopedia", "IEEE" or "Top Life Insurance".

Information on term life insurance can be found at Sun Life Financial, ManuLife Financial, TD Insurance, Cover Me, Terms4Sale, State Farm, and Beaton Insurance.

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Some benefits of using the American Life Insurance Company are low rates, combined insurance discounts, and consultants available to answer any questions. This life insurance company can give an individual peace of mind.

Information about life insurance can be found online at Insure, TDLife, and MetLife. Most companies that sell life insurance will have information about different policies.

Information on Mortgage Life Insurance Leads can be found on the Generating Life Insurance Leads website. Examples of the market they provide for are PPI claims, IVA and debt management and Telecoms and Satellite services.

There is an Abbey Life Insurance Company of Canada, which can be found in Burlington, Ontario, Canada. There is also an Abbey Life Assurance Company in the United Kingdom, which can be found in Dorset.

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