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it might be a ring worm ask your doctor, but more likely it is a staff infection

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Q: What kind of rash starts as tiny itchy bumps then spreads into itchy patches that look like mosquito bites?
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How does plasmodium spread?

Plasmodium spreads through the bites of the infected Anopheles Mosquito

Something that bites that starts with m?

· Mosquito

What transmission spreads a disease by the bite of a certain mosquito?

when a mosquito bites a person,it leaves plasmodium(malarial parasite) into blood which then enters liver and undergoes multiple fission,which then matures and spreads infection and causes malaria.

Do red ant bites look like mosquito bites?

Red ant bites look like mosquito bites but they are a lot smaller. They also tend to occur in groups where mosquito bites are more isolated.

What is the best remedy for mosquito bites?

Mix some salt with water and rub it all over your mosquito bites. This will help to sooth the itch on your mosquito bites!

What is the cause of mosquito bite?

when a mosquito bites you

What do plasmodium vivax eat?

Plasmodium Vivax is a type of human pathogen that spreads Malaria. It is a protozoal parasite, meaning it lives off another organism. That organism is the mosquito, which then bites a human and spreads the disease.

Can you be allergic to mosquito bites?

yes you can be allergic to mosqutio bites or sensitive to mosquito bites and if it is itching and swelling around the bite area it might be that you are allergic or you may havent had that reaction to the mosquito bites yet.

Which mosquito bites the female or the male?

The female mosquito bites because she needs the blood to have her eggs.

Why do your mosquito bites get so big?

Mosquito bites can get big by scratching or if u are allergic and the more you are sensitive to the bites the more bigger they will get

Can mosquito bite pictures help me determine if my bites are from a mosquito?

Yes, mosquito bite pictures can help you determine if your bites are from a mosquito. Simply compare them to pictures of mosquito bite pictures online.

When does aedes mosquito bites?

It bites only in the day.

What is the best home treatment for mosquito bites?

rub some sperm on the wound until it starts to feel better!

Do mosquito bites blister?


Do you get away from a person that has a mosquito bite?

mosquito bites are not contagious.

Does eating garlic prevent mosquito bites?

I take a garlic tablet every day and still get mosquito bites.

How do you spell mascedo bites?

The correct spelling is "mosquito bites."

Why don't you feel mosquito bites when they happen?

Most people do feel the mosquito bites as they happen. If they don't, it could be because the mosquito is small and the bite wasn't hard.

What happen if a mosquito bites a mosquito bite?


How is malaria acquired?

Mosquito bites.

How can you get rid of mosquito bites?


When anopheles mosquito bites?

At night.

Mosquito bites how do you treat them?

You can treat mosquito bites in a variety of ways. You can use a dab of honey, an antihistamine cream, or aloe vera.

What is bill Kaulitz allergic to?

He is allergic to Apples and Mosquito bites!(and mosquito repellent)

Is a mosquito a bug?

yes a mosquito is a bug it is very simple it flies and it bites